The Mindy Project: “Think Like A Peter” Season 2 Episode 19 Review

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The post-Mindy and Danny breakup world turns out to have a lot of potential.

As harsh as it was for The Mindy Project to bring together the show’s will-they-or-won’t-they couple and then immediately pull them apart, the move ended up creating some interesting changes to the story. The office dynamics have completely changed. Mindy doesn’t really speak to Danny anymore, a fact that hinders his ability to make good on his promise to “just be friends” with her. Instead, she pours her heart out to Peter, who is quickly becoming my new favorite character.

When Adam Pally joined the show at the beginning of the season, his excellent comedic timing–courtesy of Happy Endings, obviously–and instant gelling with the rest of the cast was exciting. Still, he was too often stuck in the background. Now with Peter’s recent development of becoming Mindy’s confidant and occasional wingman, he’s being featured more than ever.

The chemistry between Mindy and Peter is fun and easy. While Mindy and Danny seemed to be constantly trying to one-up each other, Mindy and Peter just both relish in their flaws. I like that Mindy feels comfortable enough around Peter to ask for dating advice, and I like that it takes spending a whole day with Mindy for Peter to realize that he’s kind of a jerk. It’s probably too soon to make any sort of relationship prediction between these two, so all I can hope for is more scenes with both of them in it.

The main plot of the episode revolves around Mindy trying to get back on the saddle and date again, something she does with great reluctance. When Peter comes around, he convinces her to start “thinking like a Peter” and be more casual when it comes to romance. He takes her out to a bar where she meets Lee (New Girl‘s Max Greenfield).

The two hit it off in the kind of charming/hilarious way that only The Mindy Project can pull off. I nearly lost it when Mindy nudged the girl sitting next to him off of her barstool. After spending the night with him, Mindy wakes up alone in her apartment. It turns out Lee was thinking like a Peter too.

The scene at the school where she goes to find him features a slew of fantastic moments–I especially enjoyed Mindy deciding to settle for the janitor–but the best part came when Peter and Mindy have a quasi-heart-to-heart. The mixture of humor and light emotion that comes from the two of them together is great, and is a welcome upswing from the show’s recent dark turn.

The B-plot this week saw Danny trying to find a new office gossip buddy after Mindy wouldn’t give him the time of day. I like that the show didn’t just revert things back to normal after the breakup, as many sitcoms tend to do. Also, after the way Danny ended things with Mindy, it’s kinda nice to see him struggle.

When he tries to bond with Tamra, he ends up discovering her secret affair with Morgan. After a pitch perfect scene in which he helps Tamra make a pro and cons list for both Morgan and Ray Ron–“he’s an ex-con, which is definitely a pro”–he urges her to stay in her original relationship. This clearly has to do with his own feelings on office hookups, and ends up backfiring on him when Morgan finds out.

Right now, it kind of feels like Danny doesn’t have a friend at work and I’m very interested to see where this leads. The episode ends with a shot of Mindy’s earrings underneath his bed, which is something she purposefully left at his apartment. I don’t know if this is supposed to be a ray of hope in the future of their relationship together, or a reminder of how much she really cared for him. Either way, I think Mindy deserves a break. I’m much more invested in seeing a Mindy-Peter hookup now anyway. Grade: A-


By Mike Papirmeister

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