The Mindy Project: “Triathlon” Season 1 Episode 22 Review

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been on edge waiting for The Mindy Project to come back. After the cliffhanger with Danny’s ex-wife, I expected something phenomenal. What we got was actually kind of bland.

Morgan confessed right away to mailing Danny’s letter to Christina, who was portrayed rather unimpressively by the usually dazzling Chloe Sevigny. Danny fires Morgan on the spot, and given the circumstances, the partners really can’t argue with him.

The rest of the episode revolves around Danny taking a charity triathlon way too seriously. His competitive nature heats up even more once he learns that Morgan has gone to work for the midwives, and will therefore be competing against Danny, Jeremy, and Mindy in the race. The whole triathlon thing just didn’t really resonate with me. It felt very contrived. Especially when Morgan carries a struggling Danny across the finish line. Danny tries to re-hire Morgan, but he declines.

Mindy’s storyline was much better. She and Casey are doing well in their relationship, and he asks her if she’s consider converting to Christianity. After a semi-entertaining bible study hosted by Betsy in Mindy’s apartment, Mindy sees how deeply Betsy feels her Christianity, and realizes it is not something she’s going to be able to do. After a wonderful scene where Mindy storms into Casey’s Sunday school class full of children, Casey tells Mindy that it’s fine that she doesn’t want to convert, that he just needed to know she took religion seriously.

Back to Danny, Mindy agreed to give Danny a letter from Christina, after Christina literally stalks her to ask for the favor. Danny reads it, and realizing he really isn’t angry anymore, calls Christina and asks her out for coffee.

Danny seems most genuine when he’s interacting with Mindy, and in comparison to that, his dynamics with both Morgan and Christina this week felt forced. Mindy is the only character who truly maintains her sense of self regardless of who she is paired with, which she did amazingly well tonight. To tackle the subject of religion in such a direct but still off-handed way was very impressive, and very Mindy. I wish that more suspense had been put on Danny’s relationship with his ex-wife, but perhaps that’s coming in the next few episodes? We’ll have to see. Until then, Mindy is carrying the show, as always. Grade: B

By: Meghan Coan

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