The Mindy Project: Two to One Review

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In one of the strongest episodes of the season, this week Dr. Schulman has retired leaving Mindy, Danny, and Jeremy in charge. And their number one obstacle in the transition: a pair of holistic midwives stealing their patients.

Danny and Jeremy initially try to oust Mindy out of any leadership role, voting down all of her ideas. Begrudgingly, and at the urging of the guys, Mindy takes her day off to indulge in Best Friend Day with Gwen and Alex, another one of her BFFs from college. Alex is set to replace Gwen as a constant presence in the show, with Gwen taking more of a guest star role, and based on the dynamics we saw during their girls’ day out (in particular the “human changing room” and throw down at a sample sale) I think she’s going to be a great fit. During Mindy’s day off, she receives texts from Betsy informing her that Danny and Jeremy are drowning without her, losing patients left and right to the midwife brothers (portrayed rather hilariously by real like brothers Mark and Jay Duplass.) As a side note, but an important one, the way they showed the text conversations in bubbles reminiscent of VH1’s Pop-Up Video was brilliant. Mindy rushes back to the office to save the day. She marches up to the midwives office and explains to all of the patients they stole why they should stick with real OBGYNs, a feat that neither Jeremy nor Danny was capable of. In the wake of Mindy’s success, the three agree to a more balanced partnership. In a perfect ending, Josh shows up at the hospital after one of Mindy’s deliveries for some Thai food and a make out session. Despite his short appearance this week I am still loving their chemistry.

This week’s straightforward storyline proved an incredibly effective one. Forcing the office staff to work together shows how strong the cast is. And most notably, forcing Jeremy to take more of a substantial role really helped his usually weak character. I also loved Mindy prioritizing her career without sacrificing too much, proving what a balanced heroine we have in her. She’s not just a romantic comedy floozy, she’s a strong leading lady. I loved this episode, and I’m so happy to see the progression of a freshman season in such a compelling direction. Grade: A


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