The Mindy Project: “Wedding Crushers” Season 2 Episode 10 Review

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This week’s episode was classic Mindy: A very familiar setup that takes some very unexpected turns. 

It’s been difficult to pinpoint exactly what kind of comedy The Mindy Project is since it premiered last year. Is it a stylized rom-com? A zany workplace comedy? A tale of thirty-something arrested development? Perhaps it’s a mix of all three.  Or maybe, just maybe, The Mindy Project is in a category all its own. It doesn’t neatly fit into a specific genre, but I think that’s what’s so great about it. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, it pulls the wool over your eyes once again.

“Wedding Crushers” is a prime example of just how wonderfully spontaneous the show can be. Quickly splitting off into two plotlines, the episode followed Danny’s party for his younger brother, and Mindy attending her ex Josh’s wedding with Peter. As you might have guessed from the episode’s title, the wedding took major precedence. Still, it’s the subplot that ended up being the most captivating.

This show has always been fairly progressive. After all, its main character is a female, Indian doctor who’s confident without being a size zero. This week’s episode took its all-inclusiveness a step further by introducing Danny’s gay brother Richie (The Social Network‘s Max Minghella). The execution is something we’ve seen a thousand time before: Mindy and her co-workers realize Richie is gay, and worry that Danny will freak out when he learns the news. What they–and we as viewers–don’t expect, however, is that Danny already knows about his brother’s sexuality and is totally cool with it. In fact, Danny practically raised Richie after their deadbeat father walked out on them.

The background information about Danny’s father was flimsily introduced, but I’m willing to overlook it for the awesome way in which they made Richie’s homosexuality such a non-issue. This is a side of Danny that we’ve never seen before, and I hope it will allow his character to have more added dimensions in the future. I don’t know if he’ll will ever reconcile with his father, but I hope they have some sort of interaction soon. The Castellano family dynamic will undoubtedly be interesting to watch.

Josh’s wedding featured some lighter fare, but still managed to pack in a surprise punch. Mindy brings Peter, aka “Mr. Wedding,” to show her ex how well she’s doing, and pleased by what a fun party guest he is. Hearing her tell an attractive female guest that Peter was taken made me sigh. I feared that this plotline would show Mindy getting humiliated when she sees her date hooking up with someone else. Turns out, I was only half right. Peter does hookup with someone else…but it turns out to be the bride. Now Josh is humiliated, and Mindy is merely frustrated.

Though this storyline had most of the jokes in it, what I really enjoyed was the developing relationship between Peter and Mindy. Last week, I said that I hoped Peter would get to do more than just be the party guy, and this week he came through. At a wedding party, of all places. It’s too soon to tell if there’s any romantic spark between them, but I like his and Mindy’s growing friendship nonetheless. Additionally, Mindy getting to somewhat reconcile with Josh was touching. She got to get some serious closure, as well as make some funny drug jokes.

Ah yes, the jokes. This week’s episode was a little short on one liners–although Betsy’s quick Forest Gump reference was pretty great–but it made up for it in charm.  What is a comedy, anyway, if it doesn’t have some solid characters for the humor to build around? The final scene, where Mindy nonchalantly admits to ruining the wedding, felt like a very lived-in moment. At this point I still don’t think the show fits into a specific category, but I like it just the way it is. Totally unpredictable. Grade: A-


By Mike Papirmeister

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