The Mindy Project: “You’ve Got Sext” Season 2 Episode 8 Review

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Things get off to a rough start, but The Mindy Project redeems itself this week with an unpredictable mixup and some promising developments.

At the beginning of “You’ve Got Sext,” I was already expecting to groan through another out-of-character Mindy Project.  Seriously, what was with that cold-open?  Morgan puts Mindy down because of what she’s wearing?  Then Mindy gloomily goes along with it when she sees Cliff and his dolled-up date? It felt totally unrealistic to these characters, not to mention borderline sexist.  I appreciate the show trying to portray doctors realistically–they don’t always have the time to put effort into their appearance.  Still, I don’t see why they had to take away Mindy’s confidence along with her designer dresses.

Things were able to pick up majorly, however, as we got two plotlines that had some interesting ideas along with some solid comedy.  The first involved Mindy having to spend the night at Danny’s place because she misplaced her purse and therefore had no wallet, keys, phone, etc.  To be honest, this didn’t really come together for me at first, mainly because of Mindy being so down on herself until she gets to play Danny’s fake fiancé.  Things became more cohesive, however, when she goes to watch TV in Danny’s bed and has a hilarious confession sequence where she admits to farting…twice.

This episode also saw a major development in Mindy and Danny’s relationship.  The setup was a classic sitcom misunderstanding with Danny thinking Mindy had a crush on him. With the help of a wacky neighbor who Danny had hooked up with, the tables were turned and Mindy realizes that she’s not the only one who’s lonely.  More importantly, the two share a lingering moment that definitely leaves a lasting impression on Danny.  These two have always had an underlying romantic charge between them, and it’s nice to finally see it come out to play this season.

Meanwhile, this week’s subplot involved Morgan and Peter finding Mindy’s phone and engaging pretending to be her while texting Cliff.  What’s starts out as innocent (fake) flirting, ends up becoming a full-on sexting conversation that goes wonderfully too far.  The boys end up having to cover their tracks by hosting a fake game night at Mindy’s apartment.  It was a little ridiculous, sure, but Morgan and Peter play off each other quite nicely so it was all great fun to watch.  We also saw the return of Ellie Kemper’s Heather, who I totally forgot lives down the hall from Mindy.  She ends up throwing a wrench into any potential that Cliff and Mindy had, which I’m guessing means she’ll have a larger role in the next few episodes.

Why do I say that?  Because this week ended with somewhat of a cliffhanger.  Morgan neglects to delete any of the texts to Cliff off of Mindy’s phone, and the lovely doctor comes into work the next day only to read them in horror.  What will happen now?  Will Mindy try to rectify the situation?  What will happen with Danny now that he’s been spurned?  I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but I can happily say that I’m once again excited to find out.  Grade: B+


By Mike Papirmeister

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