The Newsroom: I’ll Try To Fix You Review

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This week’s episode of The Newsroom is the best episode of the season so far. It’s also one of the best episodes of television I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s also the episode that I predict will cement a second season for this show. Without faltering once, the episode managed to be funny, clever, and unbelievably moving.

Beginning on a light note with a company New Year’s Eve party, typical workplace drama unfolds in a humorous way. Mackenzie and Will bicker over her new serious relationship and his string of meaningless ones. Don sets Jim up with Maggie’s roommate in what proves to be an amusing little love rhombus of sorts, which almost manages to bring to the surface Maggie’s feelings for Jim. Neal shows off his new girlfriend, and as he continues to throughout the episode, gives a rant on all of the concrete reasons Bigfoot is real. Neal is proving to be my favorite comic relief of the show. He contributes little to the actual plot, but never disrupts it with his quirky appearances. Sloan and Will’s relationship is classic Sorkin full of fast paced banter as she coaches him on approaching a woman at the party.

The woman he approaches turns out to be Nina Howard, a gossip columnist. He cannot reconcile himself with even so much as a midnight kiss with this woman, who explains she is writing a “takedown piece” on a Real Housewife of New Jersey. In fact, he tells her she’s ruining civilization. The result is the first of many drinks thrown in Will’s face throughout the episode. The incident ends up making Page Six, which results in another near perfect exchange between Will and Charlie, this time with Charlie offering Will dating advice.

At the rundown meeting the News Night staff, only after throwing numerous drinks in Will’s face, analyzes news stories that did not get enough attention during the previous year. The two lies they choose to expose are the right accusing Obama of wanting to ban guns, and the rumors that Obama had spent $200 million dollars a day on a trip to India. Exposing both of these falsehoods included more Tea Party bashing from Will.

The Tea Party bashing must not have gone unnoticed by Leona Lansing, because  after Will ends up on the cover of a tabloid magazine for another date gone awry, Charlie makes the connection between the tabloids and Leona and realizes that she’s the one using the magazines to go after Will.

Amid the tabloid crisis, the story of Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Arizona breaks. With the unbelievably well placed use of Coldplay’s “Fix You” playing in the background for the rest of the episode, the entire staff comes together, despite the bickering and frivolity that had been going on previously. Everyone is at the top of their game, reporting the story with integrity and sensitivity. The entire News Night staff comes together to do exactly what it’s supposed to be doing. Just as The Newsroom finally is. Absolutely nothing about this episode needs fixing. (9.5/10)

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