The Newsroom: “Unintended Consequences” Season 2 Episode 4 Review

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After an episode with almost no redeeming qualities, I regret turning off Shark Week to watch The Newsroom. Basically, all it did was make me crave a milkshake from Shake Shack.

It was supposed to be heart wrenching. And maybe if the show hadn’t so seriously dropped the ball with nearly everything they’ve tackled this season, it would have been. Maggie recounting the tragedy in Africa was just as irritating as all of Maggie’s scenes, only more so. If any other character had gone through the horrific nightmare Maggie did, I may have felt something. But Maggie’s sheer incompetence in nearly every aspect of the show has left me completely numb to any storyline she’s involved in. Basically something that could have been interesting and emotional relied solely on Maggie, so it completely lost any dramatic potential.

Africa aside, the other major storyline that I can’t force myself to care about this season continues to be Genoa. I can’t even feign interest in it. This season has not been great, but this episode especially was so unbearably boring. There is no suspense to the Genoa story at all.

I also have to note that the deposition for the wrongful termination lawsuit is a very classic Sorkin device, but I have never seen a setup like this fail so miserably in one of his shows.

The Occupy Wall Street storyline continued this week. They did their best to tie it to the Genoa story, which was another failure. Will interviewed Shelly, the girl Neal met at the OWS meetings, and he absolutely tore her apart. She demanded an apology, which at the end of the episode Will inexplicably gave. She had a source for the Genoa story. I don’t know. I didn’t really care. I was wondering what was going on with the monster shark.

Jim is only slightly less pathetic than Maggie is this season. After an uninspiring struggle to get his 30 minutes with Romney, he gave it away to Hailey, his uninspiring crush. This caused a conflict that lacked any sort of actual emotion. I hate this storyline with Jim following the campaign, and I am so relieved it’s coming to an end. Jim and Hailey may have kissed after the ordeal, or I may have accidentally turned the channel to a poorly done made for TV romantic comedy, I’m not even sure anymore.

Once again, the only part of the episode I genuinely enjoyed involved Sloane being her charming self while having no serious impact on the plot of the episode. Olivia Munn’s appearance was a very welcome distraction. The only welcome distraction of the hour.

I have all but given up on this show. I really tried, and I will ride out the rest of the season, but this is just getting unbearable. Grade: D

By: Meghan Coan


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