The Office: “A.A.R.M.” Season 9 Episode 22 Review

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My god this show is going out in the best possible way.

A.A.R.M. was more proof that these writers still have a few tricks up their sleeve. Another big episode sends us into the finale with so much goodness that you’ll never want the series to end.

Of course you’ll then remember all the mediocre episode between Michael leaving and the end of this season, but push those in the back for a bit. These last few episodes have been ones that any Office fan could enjoy, new and old.

Dwight’s reign as manger begins with a prank from his Assistant to the Regional Manager, Jim. How could it not? And what a prank it was! Jim plans to trick Dwight into naming himself as the Assistant Assistant to the Regional Manager (A.A.R.M.). It totally works with minimal effort.

Yet Pam worries that this isn’t how Jim wants to live. I’m not totally sold on Jim still working for Dunder Mifflin, but maybe the finale can finally make things right. Plus, how can I not forgive it after Jim’s “gift”. Remember the tea pot? Season two Christmas special? Jim gave Pam a pot full of inside jokes seven years ago. Tonight we learned it originally contained a note, which Pam finally got to read tonight. No matter what, one of the best TV couples of all time will have their happy ending. Excuse me, there’s something in my eye.

But another great couple on the show got plenty of time tonight as well. Angela’s day care won’t accept her son anymore. She’s living with Oscar, practically homeless. The woman is in shambles. Dwight could be the answer. While waiting to find out it was hilarious to see Kevin take offense to the new baby, with Oscar and Angela parenting him.

Then, as Pam watched her relationship with Jim unfold through the eyes of the documentary crew, Jim tells Dwight that all he should ever count on is love. “You’re a good assistant,” Dwight responds. He then races off, literally, in his car, to propose to Angela on the side of the road. What? Yes, there’s something in my eye!

Also concerning Jim’s new company is Darryl. He tried to leave as Michael Scott did without saying goodbye. Except he was really bad at it. His former co-workers have trouble figuring out the best way to say goodbye to him. So they all ask for a dance. Was it corny? Yeah but so is life. Amongst all the not-crying I was doing it was good to just laugh as Darryl had his own goodbye.

Meanwhile, a now unemployed Andy tries out for “The Next Great A Capella Sensation”, with judges Aaron Rogers, Santigold, and Clay Aiken. My guess is the documentary isn’t the only reason Andy will be on TV. Might he be the next William Hung?

The whole episode was set to the backdrop of the documentary finally airing that night. I don’t want to think about the logistics of them still filming the night it airs (does it have a sequel?). I’ll just relish in the fact that everyone was together, including Andy, as we hear the opening conversation of the pilot between Michael and Jim play. OK, now I’m making weird crying noises sobbing at my keyboard.

The Office is better than it’s been in years just in time for the finale. I can’t believe its all over next week. If tonight was any indication, bring the tissues. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty


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