‘The Office: After Hours’ Reviews

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This Florida arc is really shaping up to be the best thing about season eight of this aging show. After Hours was the best yet as it resolved some storylines in a funny way, while advancing others more quickly than we have seen as of late.

The big plot this week saw Pam’s replacement Kathy trying to seduce Jim. Watching Jim become more and more uncomfortable was pretty hysterical, but what sent it over the edge was his call to Dwight saying that he saw a bedbug. Naturally, Dwight freaked out and went to every extent to draw the fake bug out. The way it resolved was just as good, as was the final scene of Jim and Dwight in a rare moment of peace.

Also happening in Tallahassee this week was Dwight’s competition with Todd Packer for the VP job under Nellie. Packer proved to be as gross as ever and Dwight finally defeated him. It was a decently funny thread and I am interested in the repercussions that will ensue next week.

The only other plot in Florida was a small one shared between Erin and Ryan, the latter of whom tried to seduce the former once he found out she was planning on moving down there. Erin was annoying as usual, but Ryan pulled out a few decent laughs.

Meanwhile, back in Scranton, the remainder of the employees had to stay late to run some numbers. One thing that bothered me here was that everyone seemed a bit too happy to be staying at work late. But we did get some great stuff between Darryl and Val. I find them easy to root for, and I love that Pam is just as behind them as I am.

Next week is the last Florida episode and I imagine we will see many of these small plotlines wrap up. I just hope that The Office can hold on to this momentum for the rest of the season. (8/10)

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  1. Brett Dale says:

    I was disappointed tonight’s episode, sure it had some laughs, but I mean
    it was too predictable. I mean did anyone actually think Jim was going to be tempted, thought it was a waste of a storyline.

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