The Office: Andy’s Ancestry Review

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The Office‘s farewell season continued with the best episode this year.

As far as cold openings go you can never go wrong with a prank on Dwight, courtesy of…Asian Jim? Hysterical. Actually, this episode was full of funny little moments that made it feel like a much older episode of The Office. Clarke and Pete, who are still in need of some development, had a great moment this episode as they cheered on Andy, especially with Kevin joining in at the end. Jim feeling his nose and realizing he resembles Richard Nixon was great too. This is what this show used to be like and I am so happy it is heading back in that direction.

Once the plot got rolling, Dwight hilariously began teaching Erin the Dothraki language. You know, from Game of Thrones. Erin’s constant screaming of random made-up words were hilarious.

Meanwhile Andy learned that he is related to Michelle Obama, something Nellie made up, as well as former slave owners. Whoops. This made Andy go and tell everyone else in the office who they were related. The fact that both Andy and Erin plots tonight were good is significant because last season they were…how do I put this nicely…the worst.

Nellie and Pam had a nice storyline this week too. I am so happy to see that the writers are making good use of Nellie after her random insertion last season. She is oddly likeable now. It was also great to see Pam talking about art again. An idea that was intricately placed in the pilot (yes, that long ago) and forgotten about ever since. But then Nellie brought up the possibility of Jim having an affair.

The conversation Jim and Darryl had at the end of the episode was fantastic. But it lead to something even better. First, Nellie offered Pam the opportunity paint the warehouse wall. Then Jim told her about the job. He thinks it went well. She doesn’t. Real drama.

Andy’s Ancestry did a lot without feeling too cluttered. Andy and Erin both had good plots. Nellie continues to become likable. Pam and Jim are relevant again. I don’t want to wait until next week to watch the next episode. Folks, The Office is back. Grade: A-

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  1. Kim says:

    What was Jim’s secret? What was the conversation with Dwight about? And what is the job?

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