‘The Office: Angry Andy’ Review

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Color me nostalgic but I really enjoyed this week’s Office because unlike every other episode this season, it remembered its past while telling managing to tell new stories.

A big problem I have had with The Office this season is that it has not tried to be anything like what the show set out to do eight seasons ago. Angry Andy kept in mind some past stories from some pretty early seasons and used them both as a reward for long time fans and to move everything forward. The episode also went back to the traditional style of the show, once central A story revolving around the main characters, and a B story that involved the background characters.

The A story was Andy’s return to Scranton and finding Nellie sitting in his chair. I have hated the build up to this point with Nellie, but I have to admit, watching Andy lose his temper, just as he did way back in season three, was excellent. I couldn’t help but crack up at Darryl’s comment “He really doesn’t like that wall,” after Andy put a hole in the very same wall he did once before. I also liked that Erin acted angry for him as well, perhaps the best romantic gesture we’ve seen from the couple yet. Fianlly, the story ended with Andy getting fired. Will this stick? Absolutely not, but it was nice to see The Office return to some darker material as they have been with Nellie.

The B story saw Kelly actually dating someone else instead of Ryan (hey Heroes fans, did you recognize Mohinder Suresh?). Once Ryan caught wind of this he immediately needed her back claiming to love her. It has been forever since Kelly and Ryan have had any sort of storyline around them so this was a nice mix up. But will Kelly actually leave him forever? That kiss at the end isn’t particularly reassuring but with Mindy Kaling potentially leaving the show, maybe it’s time for Kelly to grow up.

Angry Andy was a lot of fun because it brought back some great memories of what The Office used to be and played around with it. It’s far from a classic but it certainly is one of the best of season eight. (7.5/10)

2 Responses to ‘The Office: Angry Andy’ Review

  1. Bryan S. says:

    Good review and I agree. This was the best episode of the season.

  2. Catherine irraTATE says:

    I didn’t watch because Nellie was in it.

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