The Office: Couples Discount Season 9 Episode 15 Review

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Andy finally returns to the office but smartly not without the consequences that come with being gone for three months.

It’s been too long, too long to realistically have your boss be gone for three months. Luckily, the show and many of its characters acknowledged the absence and how ridiculous its been. Cue the long awaited return of David Wallace (at least by me).

But first, it’s Valentine’s Day in the office for the last time. The couples discount at the mall had its moments, the best being Darryl and Oscar fighting for gay rights in a classic moment. But Andy’s early return put a damper on the fun as now these guys have a boss again. I found Andy the most unlikable he’s been possibly ever in this episode. He hasn’t told David Wallace where he’s been for three months, something that appears to be a problem for the CEO by the end when he finds out.

And how does he find out? Erin breaks up with him loudly citing his absence as one of the main reasons. She also kissed Pete by the end. So, let’s call this resolved. Erin is suffering from severe over-exposure, but at least she finally grew a little tonight. I’m fine with a happily ever after for her and Pete, so long as her and Andy stop being so annoying.

Speaking of happily ever afters, Jim and Pam go out to lunch with a newly separated Brian. Jim gets upset once he finds out that Pam has been crying to him. I doubt this is the end of Brian, and our all-star couple’s woes, but they’re going home and fighting at the end was pretty adorable.

Overall, it was a pretty depressing Valentine’s Day for The Office. Except Erin and Pete of course, but we’ll see where everything goes. As a whole, the episode moved some ground, but it won’t be too soon until I’m missing the days where Andy was gone. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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