The Office: Dwight Christmas Review: A Perfect Sendoff to a Yearly Tradition

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Say it ain’t so! What will Christmas be like without the traditional Office Christmas episodes we’ve gotten over the years? Based on this episode it’s going to be a difficult adjustment.

The party planning committee is back and this year we are celebrating Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas, courtesy of Dwight. Seeing Scranton’s favorite sociopath giddily prepare the holiday was delightful enough, but Jim and Pam’s ironic enthusiasm was appropriate too.

Just as it seemed it would become a one note joke of how weird Dwight is, he got upset that Jim had to leave for his first day at his new job. Then Pam was clearly upset too as Jim was leaving.

Dwight canceling the Christmas party was oddly heartbreaking. I guess through all the pranks Dwight has some affection for his desk buddy. This is the most emotional I’ve been about this show since Michael left.

Then the office decorated in Christmas decorations for the last time. Luckily Jim came back, and we got a ton of sweet moments between he, Pam and Dwight. Never thought I’d say that.

Meanwhile, Erin has never seen Die Hard (which yeah, Pete is right, the Bruce Willis action classic is a Christmas must!) so Pete starts reciting the whole script to her. Then she gets a text from Andy that he needs some time to think about his life. Erin’s frustration was some new ground for the character and the potential relationship between her and Pete has some potential.

Some other interesting tidbits? Darryl got an interview at Jim’s new company! Toby and Nellie?! The show has a lot to work with when it comes back in January.

The final shot of the episode before the end credits saw the camera pull back on the full festive conference room for the last time. I’ll miss these episodes possibly more than the show itself when it’s gone. But we have more than enough Christmas classics to watch every year courtesy of the folks at Dunder Mifflin. Merry Christmas. Grade: A

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