‘The Office: Free Family Portrait Studio (Season Finale)’ Review

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And so ends season eight of The Office with a season finale that moves a lot of things around from the past and possible makes The Office a bit more recognizable.

The story arc for the end of the season has focused on Andy trying to get his job back after Nellie randomly stepped in and took over. This episode had a lot to get done with Robert California leaving and all, but it also brought back one of the more interesting storylines that has since been long forgotten: Dwight possible having Angela’s baby.

The Dwight and Angela story was actually a lot of fun. The car chase was a nice touch and made for an exciting way to to tell this story. I also loved the tender moment at the end of the episode that turned into something bigger. Could these two get back together again? Is the baby Dwight’s? Hopefully these answers will be answered in the fall, if I am still watching that is.

The main story though in this finale was Andy’s quest for his job. While the distraught and dirty Andy did not really work, this was another somewhat exciting plot as David Wallace has decided to buy back Dunder Mifflin. This means that Sabre will be gone forever and also worked to get rid of Robert California. Kevin’s annoyed glare during the former CEO’s final idiotic speech was perfect and probably reflected how a lot of viewers have felt throughout the course of this season.

Free Family Portrait Studio had enough fun moments to be a worthy season finale to this lackluster season. There are actually a couple of reasons to be excited again. Robert California is gone. David Wallace is back. Dwight and Angela could be getting back together. Are these enough reasons to stick around for a season nine? Time will tell. Look for my review of season eight as a whole tomorrow! (7/10)

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