‘The Office: Fundraiser’ Review

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Ladies and gentlemen, Andy Bernard has been fired. Will it stick? Absolutely not, but for now, this is kind of a fun ride.

A lot was going on throughout this week’s episode of The Office. Everyone was roped into going to a fundraiser for Angela’s husband, who Oscar still thinks is gay and tried to prove it throughout the episode. Also, Andy had to sit with his former co-workers and boss, much to everyone’s discomfort. And finally, Darryl buys tacos for Nellie. Fundraiser was actually kind of a fun entry to this lackluster season because, like last week, the show relied on its roots more than we have seen in a long time.

Sure, Andy’s story was pretty awful. There is literally nothing entertaining about him trying to get his job back, but the characters around him are getting some nice moments during this very strange plot. I loved (LOVED) the brief return of David Wallace. His unlikely success with Suck It was a nice touch as well, but to be honest it was just great to have him back again, it’s been far too long.

Darryl’s story with Nellie was pretty bad too. The more and more the writers try to make her likable, the less interesting she becomes. Also why is Darryl being friendly to her, she took his friend’s job! Nellie’s plot as a whole just make absolutely no sense and with two episodes left, I hope to see it quickly put to bed.

Now onto some of the fun things we had going on tonight. Oscar’s quest to find out if Angela’s husband is gay was hysterical and made all the more funnier once Pam jumped in. This was a fun return to an old sub-plot from last season. Other highlights included Dwight not knowing what a blind auction is, followed by Jim’s one man standing ovation once Dwight had won every item and owed the organization over thirty thousand dollars. Kevin also had some great stuff tonight, particularly the closer where it seemed the dog he had adopted had died, but was actually alive. Nice touch.

Fundraiser was not a good episode of The Office, but season eight has brought us much worse. The brief return of David Wallace and some fun moments with the supporting cast made this one of the more enjoyable entries in recent memory. (6.5/10)

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