The Office: Here Comes Treble Review

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The Office celebrates Halloween in a slightly disappointing episode.

For The Office‘s last Halloween episode the costumes were pretty great. Meredith as Black Widow from The Avengers. Oscar as the “electoral college”. Nellie as sexy-Toby. Dwight with just a tiny pig nose.

After a funny cold opening featuring Dwight getting his head stuck in a pumpkin, the episode quickly addressed Jim and Pam’s issue from a few episodes ago. Jim is going to an investment meeting for his new company, something Pam likes to make jokes about. Still glad to have them supporting each other to whatever end. Except when Jim invests $10,000 in the company without them needing it, or asking Pam. This is one of the first real fights we’ve seen from the couple. We didn’t really get an closure on this either.

Meanwhile, Andy’s a cappella group is performing for the office Halloween party. What most will be talking about is Stephen Colbert of course. While Colbert gave a solid performance, I wish he had actually shown up in person, instead of just over web chat. Kind of felt like a cop out since such a big deal was made out of his appearance. With the reveal that Andy’s family is broke, I hope the show can still contain his stories without being over-the-top.

The Dwight/Nellie subplot was alright, but nothing too special. I did, however, enjoy the continuation of the possibility that Angela’s senator husband is gay. Oscar and he looked like they had a thing going on. Then we got confirmation. How exciting!

Here Comes Treble was my least favorite episode of the season thus far. But enough stories are in place that this could be an important episode for the final season. I just wish the execution was better. Grade: B-

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  1. Lance says:

    I knew that this would be a funny episode because of the opening scenes with Dwight’s head in a pumpkin. I think it would’ve been funnier to have Dwight with the pumpkin on his head for most of the episode instead of the lame pig nose. I WAS so excited to watch this episode this morning from my Hopper’s Primetime Anytime recordings since we didn’t get home in time last night from my son’s Halloween party with his scout troop. I wasn’t expecting to miss it, but I was glad that I didn’t have to remember to set any timers. I was looking forward to seeing Stephen Colbert on an Office Halloween special, but I was imagining that he would wear a ridiculous costume, and that he and Andy would be two amazingly annoying friends. Even though I was happy that I didn’t miss Dwight or bloody Creed, I was bummed that Colbert’s presence was nothing more than an Oscar winner who is too busy to make it to the awards ceremony to accept their own award. Several people I work with at DISH and I feel the execution of this entire season so far isn’t up to par with The Office of the past, but you do bring up a good point that the writers are keeping enough stories going that will be sure to make the finale memorable.

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