The Office: Junior Salesman Season 9 Episode 13 Review

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The Office continued with an introduction to Dwight’s family for the failed spinoff series.

After last week’s shocker of an ending, it was weird to see the problem of Brian addressed immediately with a camer left on by mistake showing Pam thanking him for being kind to her in that moment of desperation. But sadly, nothing came of it.

Slightly related to that issue, Dwight is looking for a replacement for Jim since he’s at his new company. This proved to be a double-edged sword as we got to see many people from Dwight’s past on the show as well as the would-be characters on the planned Dwight spinoff known as The Farm. While I love seeing more familiar faces like Mose, it was nostalgic to see his babysitter (only seen in my personal favorite episode Dinner Party) among others. But the new characters simply weren’t funny. You can see why it got canned by NBC after just one episode (sadly, we are going to see it in a few weeks as an episode of The Office).

In the end, Dwight decided not to hire any of them. There wasn’t even a B plot to help this episode out. It felt like a pointless entry this farewell season that was merely a ploy to get people to watch the new show that will never exist. Sure, Jim found a good deskmate for Pam, Clark, but that doesn’t resolve their issues any further from last week’s gut-wrenching argument. All in all, kind of a dud. Grade: C

By Matt Dougherty

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