‘The Office: Jury Duty’ Review

Photo Credit: http://www.nbc.com/Did I miss an episode? It sure seems like I did with all these babies being had and random office romances spurring back up. No, I know I didn’t miss an episode, which makes the many leaps forward with the plot in this episode make absolutely no sense.

First off, where did these babies come from? Pam has been on maternity leave but Jim has still been at work. So far there has been no mention of their second child, but apparently he is already home. That seems a little bit cheap especially since we got a double episode for the birth of their first child.

So what about Angela? Her delivery was at least a B-story for an episode, but this new subplot that Dwight might be the father is ridiculous. The days of Dwight and Angela’s weird relationship are long gone, but the writers keep trying to reintroduce it for whatever reason. Maybe two years ago this idea would have been interesting but now it feels like they are beating a dead horse.

The main plot of Jury Duty saw Jim trying to keep a lie going about how he took five days off saying he was on jury duty. Here we got a few decent exchanges between Jim and Dwight as the two of them still have great chemistry. Also we finally got the return of Pam, albeit briefly, to save Jim. Her presence was nice and I am happy to see that she is back full-time next week.

But even Pam could not save this atrocious episode. In a season where there has been no real continuing storyline, major plot points were glossed over, meanwhile new ideas just seem recycled. This is a new low for The Office. (3.5/10)

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