‘The Office: Last Day in Florida’ Review

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The Florida storyline is almost over. It started out as a refreshing new arc for the dwindling show, but the last two episodes were pretty dull, but still better than most of season eight.

Last Day in Florida is a rather misleading title, since Andy will be traveling down there next week to win back Erin. There is no doubt in my mind that they will get back together which makes me more skeptical than usual for next week’s episode. But tonight was still pretty decent.

Erin had to tell Andy that she wasn’t coming back to Scranton and even managed to find a job. Obviously this was the weakest part of the episode as their romance continues to plague the show.

The biggest plot of the episode saw Robert California giving Jim a heads up that the store had failed and that Dwight would be fired. This development renders the whole arc pretty pointless, but hey its been better than usual so I won’t complain. Jim had to convince Dwight that this was true leading to really awkward situation where the two wrestled. It was pretty ridiculous but this plot was saved by one great moment where Dwight silently thanked Jim for saving his job.

Last Day in Florida also provided one of the funnier subplots of the season. Darryl and Toby were both trying to sell cookies to their co-workers, more particularly Kevin who offered to buy one hundred boxes. This was a nice, light plot to counterbalance all the heavy Erin and Andy/Dwight getting fired stuff going on.

This episode was not the best of the Florida storyline, but had enough moments to be a worthy episode of the show. Yeah, The Office is nowhere near what it was, but now it has been accepted and this episode was not completely terrible. (6/10)

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