The Office: Moving On Season 9 Episode 16 Review

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Maybe it’s the fact that we now have a date set for the series finale (May 16), but this week’s Office really made it feel like the end is coming.

Everything about Moving On brought us closer to where these characters could end up when the cameras turn off this spring. We saw Andy dealing with his break up from Erin, Dwight seeing an old flame in a new light, Pam taking steps keep her life, and the reveal of the identity of the Scranton Strangler.

Okay, well that last one was a random name Toby said that didn’t really amount to anything. The jury is still out on he and Nellie, so I guess we’ll just have to see where it goes. But I don’t think I’d like to see it happen just because they don’t seem that compatible.

Unlike Erin and Pete, season nine’s star couple who really shouldn’t work, but do thanks to the actors’ sparkling chemistry. Or maybe it’s that Andy was gone for three months. Probably both.

At least everyone is reacting appropriately to his long absence. It was smart to have David Wallace remember that Andy gave this company back to him, leading to Andy keeping his job. That’s just about the only thing that actually could have worked. Anywho, Andy continued to be an insufferable jerk, even reading Erin’s texts. Once he finds out about Pete, and the new love birds come into his office to tell him to move on, I finally started to have some sympathy for the guy. Sure, they didn’t know how bad that was, but they’re young, and need to learn.

So Andy hires an ex of each of them, meaning that Gabe is back. The strange thing about Gabe is that he came on the scene right when The Office had its first major dip in quality a few years back. But overall, he was actually a very funny character. Now, the show is seeing this redemption and I really hope that Gabe sticks around for the last seven episodes (seriously, that’s how many are left).

This wasn’t the only sign we are heading towards the end as Dwight and Angela seem to be heating things up for one last go around before the show ends. While Dwight’s aunt was really annoying, this story did put the idea of Dwight and Angela finally ending up together back in our minds. Their kiss was nostalgic, and Angela’s refusal was heartbreaking. I bet the future is bright for them and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

Now I can talk about my absolute favorite part of the episode, Pam’s interview. Jim gets her an interview in Philadelphia for a real estate company, and upon walking in the door, she realizes that her potential boss IS Michael Scott!

Okay, so it wasn’t Steve Carell, but Breaking Bad‘s Bob Odenkirk actually did a startling impersonation (actually, the fact that he did a poor impersonation of Bob Dylan really made it perfect). This new boss reminds Pam of Michael in every way, but not the Michael we grew to love and feel sorry for. No, this was the offensive, attention mongering boss we met in the pilot. It didn’t help that Pam learned the position wasn’t for Office Manager, but for a receptionist. Basically, Pam can’t start over. The writers sold this beautifully by reminding us how special the Pam/Michael dynamic was and showing us how huge they were for each other’s growth. Pam and Michael made each other who they are, arguably more than Jim and Holly. Pam can’t go back.

I got to admit, the writers made a brave move referencing Michael so directly, but it totally worked because it served Pam’s character so beautifully.

What happens next for Jim and Pam is anyone’s guess. Brian could re-enter the picture. Jim could quit his job. Or they could just move the whole damn family right between Scranton and Philadelphia to make their commutes easier.

We really are at the end folks. With the show being this good, this late in the game, the impending finale is sure to be worth the wait. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. Shannon says:

    I’m worried about Jim and Pam, I’d hate to have the whole series end poorly. But I am thinking that maybe they will go through a rough patch but then when they watch the documentary it could spark back up their romance.

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