‘The Office: Mrs. California’ Review

Talk about uneven huh? I have no idea where The Office is going but I have to admit I didn’t hate this episode, despite how uneven it was. The plot saw Robert telling Andy not to hire his wife and then being extremely difficult and fake in front of her. The B-story had Dwight trying to convince Darryl that he needed to work out more and creating an in-office gym for him. Sure, neither of these are exactly classic episode material but they both had their moments.

First off watching Darryl and Dwight clash had some funny moments. They have just the right amount of comedy talent to make a boring situation at least partially funny. The final scene was particularly funny as Dwight thought Darryl wanted to look buff for Val Kilmer.

As for the main story there was one major problem, and it’s right in the title. Robert’s wife was not interesting at all. She appeared to be extremely nice and no reason was given for Robert’s reluctance to work with her.

However, there were enough jokes that made this story worthwhile. I loved the two disturbing jabs at Phyllis. But the best moment by far was watching Jim try to escape being in the middle of the argument between Robert, his wife, and Andy. Creed being on the roof just added to the hilarity of one of the funniest moments of the season.

Funny moments aside this episode also gave us a possible hint at what is to come. Robert’s wife seemed to hit on Andy slightly after what we can only assume was an off-screen divorce plea. Although we have yet to meet the woman Andy told Erin he was dating way back in the beginning of the season. Lazy writers…oh well check out the video below to get some extra humor from outside of the office. (6.5/10)

photo credit: http://www.cinemablend.com/television/Office-Photos-Meet-Mrs-California-37290.html

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