The Office: New Guys (Season Premiere) Review

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Can The Office redeem itself for this ninth and final season? By the looks of it, yes.

The episode started great with everyone talking about what they did with their summers. Kevin’s misadventures with the turtle he ran over were absolutely hilarious. But more importantly, it was dark. It’s been a few years since this show went dark and this scene brought us right back to it. Which was followed by another foreboding scene: Pam and Jim explaining their summer. What was that look in Jim’s eye?

I also enjoyed how the writers made the best of a bad situation by writing Kelly and Ryan off quickly in hysterical ways. The same goes for keeping Nellie as a main cast member. Andy feels a bit more like old-Andy than season eight Andy, and is reacting semi-appropriately to the situation.

The biggest addition here is the new guys, Pete and Clark. Stanley is quick to point out that they are the new Jim and Dwight. Neither of them really took to this lightly, and the writers did a great job separating them just enough personality wise.

The main plot tonight dealt with Dwight trying to make himself equal to Clark in every hysterical way possible. The barter between him and Pam was brilliant on the roof. It all culminated with Dwight having some issues going across the parking lot in a moment very reminiscent of one with Michael in Safety Training.

But the biggest shock of the episode was Jim taking another job, one he had the idea for in college. Whoa, Greg Daniels, this is big. I am so excited that he is finally on track to get out of here for something better. But how will Pam react? Such drama!

The Office came back in a big way with this great premiere. It was just a tad too busy for my taste but there was a LOT to cover. Hopefully this will continue and the show can be back to its old self again. Grade: B+

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