The Office: Paper Airplane Season 9 Episode 20 Review

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The Office entered its last stretch with a ho-hum episode with too few laughs.

Andy’s acting gig offers a few laughs and Roseanne Barr is fun to watch. It’s an odd endgame for the character, but considering his talents it sort of works.

Our star couple is fairing far worse heading into the end. Jim and Pam forcing themselves to acknowledge each others good deeds was frankly, annoying. We know them better than this. And because there apparently needs to be drama between the pair, they start fighting at work (although Clark asking if they were high gave me a chuckle). Still though, I got caught up in the wedding cut and smiled as they embraced lovingly. Hopefully this is the end of their bickering.

The B-plot also was subpar. The paper airplane contest fell pretty flat, with no real plot besides a fourth quarter Hail Mary to get Dwight and Angela together. We’ve seen contests between the employees before that have been much more entertaining.

Paper Airplane was more or less pushing us forward toward where these guys are going to end up. Andy works for now. Jim and Pam have so much history that it’s difficult not to get swept up in it. Dwight and Angela needs some work, but they also have a strong history. With three episodes left, the potential endings are being set in motion. It’s been a long road at The Office, and with a mediocre episode like this one, all I have to say is we’ll see. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty

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