‘The Office: Pool Party’ Review

Photo Credit: http://www.givememyremote.com/remote/2012/01/19/thursdays-snap-judgment-the-office-4/While this wasn’t the worst episode of the season, there was a moment in Pool Party that proved more than anything else so far that the writers have lost a grasp on what this show is. As the title suggests, the Dunder Mifflin clan attended a pool party this week. At one point Erin and Dwight are having chicken fights against Andy and his new girlfriend. Erin gets too rough while on Dwight’s shoulders causing him to pass out. How did they show this? An underwater shot. A single shot at just the right moment where the cameramen had a waterproof camera. That is hardly plausible in mockumentary style. The Office has, as they say, jumped the shark.

This week saw Robert California throw a party at his home he is selling due to the divorce. The main plot this episode saw Erin trying to make Andy jealous at the party. The best moment? When Dwight unforgivingly kicked Erin into the pool because she was bugging him. Erin has become incredibly annoying, and the so-called “will-they-won’t-they” that she shares with Andy has run its course.

But I have to say, there were a few moments in Pool Party that felt like the old Office. The cold opening in particular was great as Jim tried to make Stanley laugh at his pranks on Dwight. I loved that the stapler was in a meatball as a reference to the pilot where Jim put Dwight’s stapler in jell-o. I also really liked Toby and Oscar’s interactions at the party.

One plotline that I have been enjoying that continued this week was Darryl’s romance with the new warehouse worker. Unlike Andy and Erin, they work really well together and I genuinely felt bad for Darryl when he explained why he didn’t want to swim in the pool. This was made even better when Darryl finally just jumped in, despite the cliche heavy dialogue.

For the first time in the last few episodes, The Office had more to like than to dislike, even if most of the positives were in the background. (5.5/10)


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