The Office: Promos Season 9 Episode 18 Review

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The Office continued down the meta road as the employees see promos for the documentary being made around them for almost a decade.

After a hysterical cold open of Phyllis disturbingly moving around while listening to the audiobook of 50 Shades of Grey, everyone crowded around a desktop to watch the commercial for their last nine years. But it includes some things they didn’t expect. The concept of people not liking that the cameras were always on them had a very real effect. Angela and Oscar call the senator to warn him about Angela cheating on him and being outed as gay. Meredith flashes her chest saying “I’ll show them when I want to!”. More seriously, Pam questions her relationship with Jim.

She goes to see Brian, the fired boom guy, to get some answers. But she realizes that they had no privacy for nine years and kind of freaks out. Pam isn’t really happy with Jim or Brian right now, so it’ll be interesting to see where this all goes.

The B story tonight seemed like it would lead to The Farm being rendered irrelevant. Which would have been good. Instead we had Dwight see a potential love interest he might end up with. At least Angela is jealous.

The final story of the night saw Jim and Darryl seeking a new client through Ryan Howard. No, not the Office character but the baseball player. Howard was actually pretty hysterical as he went through the interview, introducing the pair to his movie script.

Promos had a ton of great moments, including the cast staring at archive footage of Michael and saying “I miss him”. Everyone’s stories are beginning to wrap up as we only have five episodes left. And, for the most part, this episode was an effective way of bringing us closer to that end. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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