The Office: Roy’s Wedding Review

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The second episode of the season was another worthy addition to the show which improved in strides last week.

The episode started with a clever and cute cold opening featuring Pam trying to get everyone to do their part in cleaning the office. Then it settled into two good storylines involving Jim and Pam at Roy’s wedding and Nellie forcing Dwight to participate in a charity initiative.

But another story fell a bit flat as Clarke tried to get Erin to his apartment, in a way that even excited Andy. Sorry but Andy and Erin still need some work before I am willing to forgive last season. But at least Clarke got some development, with Pete getting some good reaction moments.And Darryl got a great moment (Godfather homage and all) as Andy’s newly appointed Assistant Regional Manager.

One thing this episode did really well was make Nellie funny and likable. Last season she was nothing but a nuisance, but here she feels important to the plot. The plot with her and Dwight was surprisingly funny as they followed the rules of the Taliban.

Jim and Pam’s story took charge again this week. Seeing Roy again felt necessary it being the final season and Jim and Pam being relevant again. With Jim’s offer from his friend taken the time is approaching to tell Pam. An older episode of the show would have resolved this plot at the end of the episode, but with how much the show has changed since then I cab wait until next week for the first major Jam arc in years.

Roy’s Wedding was another solid episode to the final season. Not quite as good as last week, but still a huge step up from last season. Grade: B


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