‘The Office: Special Project’ Review

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Well, that was surprisingly good. There was a lot of actual, you know, story this week. This season has not really had much of a running plot but it looks like Special Project is finally introducing some interesting threads for at least the next few episodes.

The main plot this week saw Dwight getting a promotion to open several Sabre stores down in Florida. The job will last three weeks and he gets to bring five other employees with him. Dwight and Andy choosing those employees was actually decently funny. A twist was added when Robert California personally sent Jim a text inviting him down when he didn’t want to go. Jim and Dwight’s interactions this episode were spot on with how they used to be. As was Stanley’s desire to go to Florida. This is a solid plotline that we will see carry out over the next couple weeks. Will Erin actually stay in Florida? What does Kathy have up her sleeve? Sure, these aren’t exactly the best story ideas we’ve seen on the show, but its a start.

Also, this being a Valentine’s Day episode and all, romance was in the air for a few characters. Erin is still down in the dumps over Andy, but hey, she might actually leave so that problem could resolve itself. We also had some hysterical Ryan and Kelly moments. I loved how persistent Ryan was that only one of them was going to Florida. But by far the best romance on the show right now is Darryl and Val, which also evolved a bit in this episode.

Are any of these stories anything compared to the first few seasons of the show? No, but its something. My one major gripe with this episode was that Angela was acting weirdly out of character in the cold opening. Angela is not a friendly person, and would never bake for anyone on the show that isn’t attending one of her boring Christmas parties. Oh well, Special Project was a big improvement that I hope to see more of as the season progresses. (7.5/10)


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