‘The Office: Spooked’ Review

The Office was kind of boring this week. After last weeks hiatus I was hoping for a better episode to bring the show back into full swing. It wasn’t a bad episode it just felt very unnecessary.

It was a Halloween special that didn’t really accomplish getting the “office” feel of a Halloween party as many other episodes of this show have done. Robert California played a prominent role in this episode as he tried to freak out the whole office in a very awkward, but not in a good way, sequence. He went around the whole episode trying to figure out people’s greatest fears and incorporated them all into the story. It was an unrealistic sequence that didn’t fit the tone of the rest of the episode.

The only other major plot line this episode was Erin and Andy’s awkward sexual tension that all culminated in Andy revealing that he has been dating someone for awhile. They’re progression as a couple has been much more awkward than Jim and Pam or even Michael and Holly but this is a turn that I am interested in since we have yet to meet this mystery woman that Andy is dating.

Otherwise this episode only had a handful of funny moments. Perhaps the funniest was Jim telling Pam about a documentary called Ghostbusters and her hysterical response.

This was not a great episode of The Office, but in an eighth season of a show in the post-Carrel era they can’t all be winners. Perhaps next week will be better. (6/10)

photo credit: http://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/office/191831

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