The Office: Stairmageddon Season 9 Episode 19 Review

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The Office continued its final stretch with an episode that sent our characters towards the end in some very funny ways, and some potentially depressing ways.

With so much going on this week, it’s hard to figure out what the A story and B stories were, as Andy, Jim and Pam, or Dwight could have taken it.

Dwight’s was the funniest, so let’s start with that. Still landlord of the building, Dwight has his workers do elevator maintenance during the day, causing Stanley to freak out and refuse to leave. But the pair were supposed to go on a sales call together. So, in typical Dwight fashion, he pumps Stanley with three bull tranquilizer darts, wraps him in bubble wrap, puts cardboard on the stairs, and slides him down. Visually, the only word I have is hilarious. I almost lost control of myself as Stanley slowly started sliding and then sped into the wall. And in the end, they closed the sale. Plausible? Nope, but damn funny.

Jim and Pam’s story was far less amusing. Jim confides in Toby while Pam talks to Nellie. The word “divorce” was used too many times for my liking. I find it hard to believe that they would go their separate ways after all this time, but it does make for a compelling final stretch. The final shot of them walking towards the car, Jim rubbing her shoulder, and then separating was really haunting.

Though while this is an interesting turn of events, as The Office prepares to go away forever, I find myself just wanting to see them back to their old selves. The cute banter. Playing pranks on Dwight. Hopefully this story can wrap up sooner rather than later.

Andy’s career saw an interesting turn of events this week. Following a review of the documentary that called Andy talented, he seeks out a talent agency to start acting. He does seem better suited for that than managing a paper company, plus Roseanne Barr now plays his agent, so that’s a good thing.

The only other thing going on this week was the senator coming out to the public as homosexual. Watching Angela’s face, as well as Oscar’s, as this was broadcast on live TV was a delight. As was Kevin’s shouting “I kept a secret” and his celebratory high-five with Oscar. The accountants have always had this unbeatable chemistry when compared to the other background characters, so it was nice to give the three of them some fantastic moments as this subplot officially wrapped up.

So besides being shaky on Jim and Pam’s story, Stairmageddon was a really funny episode that continued to put us closer to the end. It’s hard to believe only four episodes remain. But hopefully the best TV couple this side of Ross and Rachel get their happy ending before the finale, so we can just sit back and bask in this unforgettable workplace comedy. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. OCM says:

    “Stairmageddon was a really funny episode” ??
    I’m not quite sure we have watched the same episode…

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