The Office: Suit Warehouse Review

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The Office continues its redemption season with a standout episode that looks to the future more than we’ve seen yet.

Suit Warehouse was actually a pretty busy episode featuring big moments for just about every central character, as well as a hysterical subplot involving over consumption of espresso.

The title refers to Dwight trying to win over another client and trying to put back together his dream team with Jim. The fantastic cold opening showing all the hijinks they pulled on sales calls was a great addition to their fascinating relationship. But with Jim in Philadelphia, Dwight needed a new partner, and looks to Dwight Jr., aka Clark. Their strategy to pose as father and son during the pitch were fun to see unfold as the manager at the suit warehouse kept elaborating on his difficult relationship with his son. But in the end, Clark managed to take control and score the client, giving Dwight the apprentice he always wanted.

That being said, the biggest story of the week was Darryl’s interview at Jim’s new company. And what a company it is. Joining Darryl was Pam, who wanted to see what her husband has been up to. The space is very hip and you’ve never seen Jim work this hard, and look like he was enjoying it. Darryl’s interview was awkward in a way that only The Office can deliver. After killing the fish in the room, Darryl worries he won’t get the job and Pam talks him down saying that Philadelphia isn’t that great. But when Jim tells him he got it I couldn’t help but cheer for Darryl who, as he mentioned earlier in the episode, deserved Andy’s job.

The only annoyance here is Pam. If this episode proved anything it was that Jim’s company is awesome and this is what he was meant to do. It’s a little hard to believe that after he supported her through art school she would continue to get upset over this. But it will certainly be dealt with soon enough, and I can’t wait for their happily ever after.

Back in the office, Erin is struggling with a pen delivery, along with choosing Andy or Pete. Sadly, we got no where. Andy has now officially been gone too long. I really just want to get this story over with.

Everyone else was trying a new espresso machine, giving us some hysterical moments from the entire ensemble. Meredith’s wig. Oscar saying YOLO. Angela’s napkin. Creed stealing Phyllis’ ring. Stanley seeing the office at 2:30 for the first time. Kevin horsing around on his chair. Everyone had a moment.

Suit Warehouse wasn’t perfect, but when it hit, it really hit. Darryl has a new job. Clark is being trained in sales. Jim’s new company is awesome. There is still so much to come and I have a feeling The Office will continue to deliver. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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