‘The Office: Tallahassee’ Review

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After last week’s surprisingly enjoyable episode, a significant part of the gang (that’s what I’m calling them now since they hardly act like co-workers) went down to Florida for an opportunity to start opening Sabre stores. While Tallahassee was not quite as good as last week, it still is a step in the right direction for this struggling show.

The cold opening was by far the funniest of the season. Most of the shows best openings involve Jim pranking Dwight, and tonight we got a classic (probably the first classic thing from season eight) as Jim went to every length to make it look like he was murdered to Dwight.

After that though the episode didn’t quite hold on to its momentum. Catherine Tate returned from her brief interview in the season seven finale as an executive for Sabre in charge of this whole operation. Also returning was Todd Packer in his first post-Michael appearance. I couldn’t help but wonder “why?” to myself as he is nothing without Michael Scott.

The idea that Dwight had appendicitis delivered a few funny moments. But the true comic stars of this episode were Jim and Stanley. Sure, it feels like a backwards step for Jim to no aspire to be just like Stanley, but John Krasinski clearly had a lot of fun doing it. All in all, everything happening in Florida was pretty good.

Back in Scranton, we got an annoying storyline involving Andy taking over as receptionist. Darryl for some reason figured out that this was because he misses Erin. When will the writers just give up on this relationship? Please! For the sake of this once great show!

Oh well. Tallahassee was another solid episode. My guess is that the next two will probably be pretty good as well since the team will still be in Florida, but what about after? We’ll have to wait and see if The Office can redeem itself at all. (7/10)

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  1. The Watcher says:

    I didn’t much care for this episode, or the previous one actually. Maybe it’s too early to judge the Florida story but so far I’m not liking it and I’m really not liking Tate’s character, she just seems like such a moron.

    Packer’s return was pretty random but might brighten up the Florida side of things a bit. The Scranton side of the next few episodes will probably be the same kind of Andy centric filler.

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