‘The Office: Test the Store’ Review

Up until this point, the Florida storyline had been pretty good, probably the best part of the season. But Test the Store was a bit too much like the rest of the season, which, to be frank, has sucked. It had some funny moments, more than most episodes this season, but it ended up being mostly a failure.

As with the rest of the Florida episodes, there were two storylines, one in Tallahassee and one in Scranton. This week, Sabre was opening their new store, with a presentation planned by Ryan. Naturally, as Ryan does, he cowered away from the opportunity at the last minute, meaning that Jim had to take over. This was the funniest part of the episode as Jim had to basically talk about Sabre from Ryan’s perspective, something that made him extremely uncomfortable. Other than this event, however, this side of the episode was pretty uneventful and unfunny. Catherine Tate has offered little to enhance the show but there have been worse additions.

Back in Scranton, Andy and Pam had a run in with some particularly nasty fifth grade girls, one of which proceeded to punch Andy in the head. I loved watching the two of them explain this as the actual event was shown through the office window. Pam has taken over as the funniest character on the show with her fantastic delivery of almost every line.

There was one moment involving Creed hitting Meredith that sent me into stitches, but besides that and Jim’s presentation, this was easily the worst episode of the Florida storyline. Not the worst of the season though, by a long shot. Next week, we have the final episode in Florida then everyone is back in Scranton. Too bad really, this type of plot is exactly what the show needs to shake it up a bit. (5/10)

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