The Office: The Boat Review

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The Office returned with a great episode that featured some clues to the future and another really fun prank.

The Boat featured three very promising storylines. They really needed too since the show disappointed with its Halloween episode and had an unplanned week off due to Hurricane Sandy.

It was great to see Oscar’s story with the senator finally see the light of day. This has been brewing for two years, but who knew the best part of it would be Kevin. His inability to keep the secret was fantastic as Angela had no idea what was going on. But when the senator stopped by, Oscar got lucky, and Kevin forgot about the affair (the talking head right after had me in stitches).

We also got an Office wide prank for Dwight as he called into a radio show, who’s was impersonated by Nellie. Jim getting everyone to participate obviously took nothing. Then Jim running in telling Dwight the stock was dropping and Pam’s fake accent. All great stuff. Dwight’s conversation with David Wallace was well done too. Great prank overall.

In other news, Andy’s family is bankrupt, and he has to sell everything they have, including the family boat, that he never got to sail. So we get the first real “aww” moment between Erin and Andy since their inception years ago as Erin convinces him to leave work and go take the boat out before it gets sold. But then he doesn’t take Erin to the Caribbean with his brother. Could these two be breaking up soon? It sure seems like it with Luke asking Erin to a bar in the end.

This was one of the better episodes of the season and I hope these guys can keep them coming for this last season. Grade: A-

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