The Office: The Farm Season 9 Episode 17 Review

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NBC made the right decision in not picking up The Farm.

My biggest question after this episode is why? Why show this within an Office season even after it not getting picked up? Why let Dwight’s family get all this development this late in the season? Why was this even considered in the first place?

The cold open made me chuckle as Dwight and Jim have a clever battle of wits after the former’s aunt dies.

But after that, the funeral service, the forced inclusion of Oscar, the poorly written new characters were proof enough that The Farm would certainly have been the next Joey. It was cheesy and totally unnecessary for the final season of The Office. Hopefully these new characters won’t stick around for the last six episodes and taint the last act of this great series.

It also doesn’t help that this supposed pilot set up another love interest for Dwight. What about Angela? Their relationship needs to have some sort of revolution, and I hope it isn’t ruined by what this series would have done.

However, the Todd Packer subplot had its moments. At first, him playing nice and offering cupcakes was simply boring. I was wondering why he was still around. Seriously, last season he was fired, which already seemed extra after Michael realized how crappy of a person he is, which defeated Packer’s purpose on the show.

But the true nature of the cupcakes (“lots of drugs, some legal some not”) gave the ensemble some really funny moments right at the end. To pick a few, Pam calling her sister to talk about the situation, Phyllis playing with her dolls, and the pairing of Andy and Kevin spending a very high night together. Did it save the episode? No, but it was the hardest I laughed tonight. Including outside the show.

Thankfully, NBC has spared us The Farm. But it did mar what was likely the last appearance of Todd Packer, which proved to be surprisingly worth it. Still though, this is one of the worst episodes of The Office, and not in a forgettable way. Grade: D+

By Matt Dougherty

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