The Office: The Target Review

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Characters are sent seasons backwards in the worst episode of the farewell season.

The headline of the episode was a bit hit and miss. Angela has figured out that Oscar is sleeping with her husband, so she goes to Dwight to get him murdered. Murdered. That isn’t this show and it never will be. It quickly changed to a kneecapping but still, this was a bit too crazy for The Office and ultimately felt like, dare I say it, a season eight episode.

That being said there were a few nice callbacks in this story that prove the show’s improvement. Dwight’s mention of a documentary crew following them around for nine years was a clever self referential joke. It was also great to see him call Angela “monkey” again. He even reminded her of the terrible things they did to Any back in season five. Could the pair get back together after this whole thing clears up?

The resolution fell flat as Angela got to confront Oscar. The scene wasn’t dramatic or funny, a major failure in what has been a great subplot for a few seasons now.

Jim’s story was pretty mediocre this week. As his new opportunities begin to form, he needs to start working at Dunder Mifflin part time, meaning that Stanley and Phyllis would have to cover for him. Their lunch was alright, as the senior members of the office spoiled themselves. A few chuckles were provided but not enough.

The weakest story of the night was Pam trying to paint the mural and then getting distracted. Pam needs to step up and do something for once rather than sulking at her own insecurities. We’ve been through this before. It seems the Office writers don’t know the difference between bringing the show back to season two and bringing it back to the quality of season two. The progression just didn’t make sense of how the complaint inspired her to start painting.

The Target was the worst episode of what I’ve started to call the redemption season. It didn’t just feel like an episode from last season, but one fo the worst episodes from last season. Hopefully next week’s final Christmas special can get everything back on track. Grade: C-

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