The Office: The Whale Review

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The Office delivered the best of the season tonight, and the return of an old favorite.

The main story this week saw Dwight having to leave his salesman comfort zone and sell to a woman. All the women teaching him was one of the funniest moment of the season. Dwight’s nod of understanding was so creepy that Erin had to remark “No, like a person”. It was perfectly in line with Dwight while not too over-the-top as he was the last couple seasons. But then all the training turned out to be a waste. The woman Dwight had to sell to was Jan.

Something strange came over me as Pam realized it was Jan, this could be the last appearance of one of the best characters while The Office was in its prime, something partly missing from Roy’s appearance earlier this year. Seeing her again was a clear reminder that this is in fact the final season. Hopefully Jan shows up again and we get to see her confront David Wallace.

Pam saw hope in their business meeting, so then she had to sit through Jan’s video of Astrid, her daughter that she pretends to sing for and signs her name in baby handwriting. Yup, Jan is still crazy. Dwight reminds Jan of her assistant Hunter with Clark.

Oscar and Angela’s story is a fantastic way to wrap up this long running Senator storyline. It is both hilarious to see Oscar fumbling, losing his usual calm, collected nature, around a secret, and Angela getting what is coming to her after she cheated on both Andy and Dwight a few years ago. By the end Angela figured it out, Oscar clearly uncomfortable.

Another small plot this week was Jim trying to conduct business for his new job while at work. It obviously didn’t work and he is going to have to make some changes. More final season stuff.

The Whale advanced two stories subtly without either of them being the A-story. This is something The Office did incredibly well in earlier seasons and they are doing it again. It is an exciting time to be an Office fan again. Grade: A



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