‘The Office: Turf War’ Review

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Only one more episode of Robert California left! How was the second to last episode of the season? Eh, nothing special.

Turf War seems to finally be addressing how ridiculous this whole company has become. But it also featured a fun Jim and Dwight story that provided enough laughs to get me back for one last episode.

In a drunken fit, Robert California closed another branch of Dunder Mifflin, causing the Scranton branch and another branch to try and get all of their clients. Jim and Dwight raced to get one client after a salesman from another branch barged into the office telling them to back off. But Andy overheard this, meaning that he went as well. Why Andy was in the office, I don’t know, but it got us somewhere.

Andy got to the client first and got him to agree to a deal with him, despite his current unemployment. This all feels way too similar to the Michael Scott Paper Company at the end of season five. Did the writers forget about that? This is just blatantly the same story now. However, Jim and Dwight has a lot of hysterical moments here. But what came as a real surprise was how hard Andy is fighting for his job and that he even approached David Wallace for an investment. The season finale could be a lot of fun with all this brewing.

The only side plot this week was Robert leaving a suggestive voicemail to Nellie, and having Pam try and figure out how she felt about it. Naturally, this story was awful but at least we got a decent A-story.

Turf War did a fine job setting up the finale, even though we have seen a plot far too similar to this in the past and we got a terrible B-story. (5.5/10)

2 Responses to ‘The Office: Turf War’ Review

  1. Cathurine irraTATE says:

    Nellie was in it so I didn’t watch.

  2. Nellie Killed It says:

    Catherine Tate’s Nellie killed The Office for me. I never watched another show.

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