‘The Office: Welcome Party’ Review

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Another less than mediocre entry to this season of The Office.

It has been a while since the last episode aired, but the bad taste is still left over from the awfulness that was Get the Girl. For Welcome Party, I decided that I would have to accept the events that took place during that awful episode, and it helped but only a bit.

Andy and Erin are together now and it really seems like it is for good this time, which hopefully means that they can stop whining about each other. Sadly, Welcome Party did not bring that change as Erin grew passive aggressive after hearing what Andy said about her to his now ex girlfriend. Sigh.

Back at the office, Nellie is still somehow the manager at Scranton even though Andy was never technically fired or anything. Robert California has grown to be one of the most annoying parts of this show as he simply lets this happen. The show has lost all sense of realism. However, I have to admit, there is something about Nellie that I like. She is kind of dark, which is what this show used to be. Plus her plot this week also brought Jim and Dwight together, which is perhaps the last leg this show has left to stand on.

Welcome Party was surprisingly better than it should have been, but still pretty bad. Andy and Erin’s story is actually painful to watch, and not in the good way that this show was able to pull off in its first few seasons. But Nellie has potential to be something good for this show. (5/10)

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