The Office: Work Bus Review

Bryan Cranston is in town to direct, and The Office delivers once again.

Tonight started with a cute cold open of the office’s summer softball team. Andy acted a bit like Michael but not too much. Finally, a balance has been struck.

Jim continued to be the commanding lead he has been all season this week as he did his best to make Pam happy. But one of his pranks finally backfired as the work bus turned out to be incredibly annoying. But the events in the bus were pretty hysterical, especially Creed, even if it was a bit ridiculous. Kevin’s pie math was another highlight.

But then Dwight declares Jim the winner in almost a “nine years is enough!” manner. So when Jim goes to the roof to find out what’s wrong, Dwight gives a real reason, and some closure on this former Angela story. Jim talks him through it in almost a brotherly manner. 12 years working together and yeah, maybe Michael had something right, in some way these guys are like family. Plus we got our first “aww” moment between Jim and Pam in a long time.

What the writers have done with Nellie in such a short amount of time is incredible. Seeing her try to ask a favor from her boss was fantastic. Which made it great that the person trying to help her was Erin. This is the best way Erin has been used since Michael left. Of course Andy came around, making this a surprisingly successful story involving Andy, Erin, and Nellie. Unbelievable.

Work Bus had the feel of an old Office episode. The only thing wrong was that there were a few too many implausible moments. But the emotion is back. The characters are back. Next week Stephen Colbert! Grade: B+

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  1. Brett Dale says:

    Loving this season of the Office, way more than last season, but this episode had to be the worst of this current season.

    How many times do we have to be told by the writers, that Jim is better than Dwight and Jim is a real nice guy.

    The cold opening was shocking, and it’s a insult to the intelligence, that a character “Nellie” would change so much.

    This season so far has far far better than last, but with an episode like this, I hope it doesnt fall back.

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