The Top 5 Adam Sandler Movies

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For better or worse, there is another Adam Sandler movie coming out this weekend. That’s My Boy, which also stars Andy Samberg could really be the next Happy Gilmore, or the next Jack & Jill

Looking back on Sandler’s career is interesting in that we know he is capable of some good acting, but in recent years, most of his films have fallen pretty flat. In hopes that That’s My Boy reminds us of the reasons we laughed at Sandler in the first place, here are his top five films to date.


Photo Credit: Billy Madison (1995)-

One of Sandler’s earlier films, this one has a lot of great comedy throughout it even though the plot is pretty ridiculous. But between the penguin and some great gags with his classmates (T-t-t-today junior!) this is definitely one of the better outings in Sandler’s career.




Photo Credit: Click (2006)-

In some ways this film is just a remake of It’s a Wonderful Life featuring a remote instead of a charming angel. Weirdly enough, the film also has a lot of heart and becomes a real tear jerker in the end, which is why this film makes it on this list. Oh, and Christopher Walken.




Photo Credit: Happy Gilmore (1996)-

This film is just downright hysterical. The alligator that ate his mentor’s hand. The fight with Bob Barker. Richard Kiel. Newer viewers will recognize Modern Family’s Julie Bowen as the charming love interest. This is probably Adam Sandler’s funniest film, even though it is not his best.




Photo Credit: Funny People (2009)-

Say what you will about the length of this movie, because it is way too long, but this is some of the best acting Sandler has ever produced. This slightly self aware performance from him is one of the smartest thing he has ever done. That is what you get when Judd Apatow writes a movie for you.




Photo Credit: Punch Drunk Love (2002)-

Whoever decided to put Adam Sandler in this Paul Thomas Anderson film was a genius. This quirky comedy sees Sandler at his best as someone who sees himself as pretty useless. It is an endearing tale that has many surprisingly poignant moments. Quite easily the best we have gotten yet from Adam Sandler.



Do you agree with our picks? Do you think That’s My Boy has a chance at cracking this list? Sound off below!

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  1. fangirl223 says:

    Great list! Love all the movies here! Also, where is Lumby I RALLY NEED HIM!! BRITISHHH!!!!!!!

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