Watch the Trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln is Here!

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The inspiring new trailer for the biopic about our 16th president has Spielberg written all over it.

Daniel Day Lewis is playing Abraham Lincoln. Is that enough for you? It should be, but if not, this cast is absolutely fantastic. Sally Field plays Mary Todd Lincoln. Tommy Lee Jones plays Thaddeus Stevens. Mad Men‘s Jared Harris plays Ulysses S. Grant. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I have to say is having one hell of a year) plays Robert Todd Lincoln. History and film fans alike should be excited for this one.

In the Google Hangout that followed the release of the trailer, fans got to speak with Steven Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The way Spielberg spoke about this historical figure was deeply personal. He is very passionate about this project, more so than War Horse.

“I just loved seeing a movie where he is a human being,” Gordon-Levitt said of the film’s portrayal of Lincoln. He also said that the film takes place over four months towards the end of the Civil War. Robert Todd Lincoln will be trying enlist in the army, much to his father’s disapproval.

The Google Hangout concluded with a mention of the film’s release date, November 9th. Check out the full trailer below!

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