The Trailer for The Legend of Korra Book 3: Change is Here!

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After some episodes leak in Spanish and a fan-made trailer comes out, Nickelodeon answers back with a heavy hitting trailer for the fans.

Book 2 of The Legend of Korra ended back in November and there’s been barely a soundbite of knowledge about the upcoming season until today. At this point, all we had really known was that Chief Beifong was to play a larger role.

Well, the trailer confirms that, while teasing a million and a half things to be excited about for Book 3: Change. Watch the trailer below and check out some of our takeaways from it after the jump.

Tantalizing, right?

First thing I noticed, there seem to be a whole lot of airbenders. When we left off last season, Korra, Tenzin, and his children were the only airbenders. Now it appears Bumi and a whole bunch of other people have joined the nearly extinct culture. Could this have something to do with the Spirit World and, uh, the normal world being reunited?

The next thing I want to point out is the young woman with the eye tattoo on her forehead. It appears that Combustion Man, a firebending villain from Avatar: The Last Airbender was not the only of his kind. Expect more Sparky Sparky Boom action in Book 3 of Korra.

A bit further into the trailer, we see a dragon like the ones Aang and Zuko learned to dance with in Airbender. Perhaps the spirits and humans coexistence brings the dragons out of their solitude.

There also appears to be a shot of the much rumored queen of the Earth Kingdom and possibly her Dai Li agents. This could mean a return to Ba Sing Se in the upcoming season. Being one of the most memorable locales from Airbender, I’m all for it.

Now for the moment that had me squealing. At 1:18 there’s a shot of an elderly man with a burn mar— OH SWEET JESUS IT’S ZUKO! Having only seen Katara in the flesh on Korra, it looks like your favorite angsty antihero from Airbender will be making a return. Later in the trailer we see him doing some firebending. YES!

Immediately after, Korra appears to metalbend, surely by the instruction of Beifong. Not too surprising, but those class sessions have got to be a riot.

The last thing of note is that it appears at least one of the twins from Book 2, Desna and Eska, will be returning for Book 3. Although it’s hard to tell which in the short glimpse the trailer gave us.

So there! Lots to chew on Avatar fans! Knowing how this usually work, the Korra camp will likely go silent again until around the time of San Diego ComicCon, where they’ll bring the big guns. But worry not, Book 2: Spirits will be on DVD and Blu ray July 1. Keep it at the Filtered Lens for all your Legend of Korra news, as well as reviews of Book 3 whenever it airs!

By Matt Dougherty

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