They Came Together Review: The Best Spoof Movie in Years

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Spoof movies are hard to pull off. Since Scary Movie was moderately successful back in 2000, Hollywood has pumped out low-quality parodies in the form of Meet the Spartans and Epic/Date/Superhero Movie year in year out. Finally though, we have a worthy addition to a genre that still has potential to leave you in stitches.

But this type of comedy is so difficult to pull off because there is almost nothing real about it. The characters are meant to be caricatures. The situations are meant to be absolute nonsense. But They Came Together sends up rom-coms in a way that is so stupid but still so on-point that the movie ends up working.

Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler could probably star in the type of movie being parodied here once or twice a year, but their casting here is deliberate. Not only are both of them bankable stars, but they are also legitimately great comedians. They make this movie work, balancing comedic timing and perhaps unintentional chemistry perfectly.

There are a lot of ways to send-up rom-coms, and while not every joke lands, the ones that do are so natural and hilarious that it makes up for the ones that don’t. But spoof movies by there very nature have a lot of issues. This movie, while the first solid spoof movie in probably a decade, is still no Airplane!. The jokes don’t fly fast enough in the second half of the movie when the characters are going through the more dramatic beats of traditional romantic comedies.

But still, a lot of it works. The jokes of how New York is “like a character” are great, and the cameos are mostly phenomenal. They Came Together mostly comes together, and that’s a lot more than The Hungover Games and Scary Movie 5 can say. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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