Thor: The Dark World Trailer Hammers Down

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Thor is heading back down to Earth this fall and we have your first look at the sequel in the form of a new trailer.

With Iron Man 3 hitting theaters in early May, and getting some excellent early reviews, it makes sense that Disney and Marvel would show us the next part of “Phase 2”.

The first trailer for Thor: The Dark World definitely has a darker feel than the first entry. I guess that title is in place for a reason.

It’s great to see the ever charming Natalie Portman back as Jane Foster after not being included in The Avengers.

While the preview doesn’t necessarily highlight a specific villain, it does seem like Asgard is at war.

But the best part of the whole thing is the tease at the end of Thor going to his brother for help. Tom Hiddleston really came into his own in The Avengers as Loki, and is now one of the most exciting figures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Other Marvel “Phase 2” movies on the horizon incude Captain America: The Winter SoldierGuardians of the Galaxy, and eventually The Avengers 2.

Thor: The Dark World hits theaters November 8. Check out the new trailer below!

By Matt Dougherty

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