‘Titanic 3D’ Review: This Timeless Classic is Still King of the World

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The Titanic you know and love is back and bigger than ever on IMAX screens and with the added depth of 3D. More importantly, however, the film holds up extremely well and is every bit as good as you remember it.

Let’s get the new stuff out of the way, the 3D is fantastic. After James Cameron revolutionized the technology with Avatar a few years back, he creates a perfect post conversion for a film experience like no other. Titanic is one of those films that is just better on the big screen, so make sure you see it in IMAX 3D for the full effect of this masterpiece.

Great, so back in 1997 Titanic sunk every other film ever made at the box office for a reason. As epic as the film is, it still feels incredibly personal to Cameron. Perhaps this comes with the knowledge that after the success he saw here he went and did a bunch of deep sea exploration documentaries. Regardless, Cameron injects so much passion into this work whether we are in the intimate local of dormitory or panning across the enormous half sunken ship.

The characters are as great as ever. Rose remains an admirable lead as we see her escape from her overly planned out world to a more free-spirited one. No wonder that Kate Winslet’s career exploded after this. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack is a perfect source for this change within Rose. His incredible charm makes him remarkably fun to watch. The same goes for Kathy Bate’s Molly Brown, who is given many of the most honest and humane moments in the film. Billy Zane gives the film a great antagonist in Cal, one that we truly want to see crumble.

Speaking of crumbling, the way Cameron handles the various passengers who in many cases have little more than a line is breathtakingly heartfelt. One of the best examples is the mother who tucks her children in with a bedtime story as things go south. Another is the quartet who play cheerful music to prevent a panic. These little inserts give Titanic a far more epic feeling, making the intimate moments between Jack and Rose all the more special.

A lot of people really don’t like this film, and while I can see reasons why, they never take away from my enjoyment. The dialogue is far from great but it never hits a point where it takes away from the fun or terror to behold on screen. Amazingly, despite the fifteen years since it originally premiered, the special effects hold up extremely well. There are just a few moments where some bad CGI really sticks out, but mostly the world sucks you in just as it did before the technological advances.

Everyone should take advantage to see Titanic on the big screen. Whether it is for the first time or the third, this film is an indisputable classic and can easily be put on a list of the best films ever made. Just don’t forget to bring your tissues. Grade: A

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