Tomorrowland Review: Summer 2015’s First Big Disappointment

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The details are a little different here and there, but Tomorrowland does very little to separate itself from your traditional futuristic dystopian fare. With writers Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof behind the script, and the former directing, it’s less of a disaster than it is a disappointment.

The story featuring teenage Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) traveling to another dimension with inventor Frank Walker (George Clooney) gets a few narrative beats right and features some well-constructed action sequences. But a bland script and characterizations put this film already far behind this summer’s two other big action releases, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Mad Max: Fury Road. The true tragedy there is that this is the only one that’s a non-sequel.

When you also consider how much time and effort was put into this film, with it being in development since 2011, it’s even more of a disappointment. But poor newcomer Britt Robertson is incapable of commanding the screen, while Clooney looks bored (with nary a charming side-smile in sight).

But the design of the titular world is very cool. Casey’s first visit into Tomorrowland is surely wondrous and imaginative. And there’s an early scene where Casey and Frank have to make a daring escape out of Frank’s mansion that you won’t want to blink during.

Still, it feels almost all for nothing, as by the end of the film, the plot devolves into your typical end of the world ploy. The script does also get painfully preachy by the third act. Sadly, Tomorrowland is proof that injecting a film with a ton of heart doesn’t always mean it will come out good. Grade: C

By Matt Dougherty

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