Top 10 ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Episodes

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The Legend of Korra is finally upon us! Four years after Sozin’s Comet finished the former series, the creators are bringing us into a brand new world to see benders mess around in. But if you haven’t seen much of Avatar: The Last Airbender since the finale, here are the ten best episodes.





Photo Credit: The Western Air Temple (Book 3, Chapter 12)-

After two and a half season of angst, Zuko finally turned over to the good side in this wonderful episode featuring the final leaf that the prince has to turn over. Naturally, team Avatar doesn’t take him right away and he has to prove himself by helping them defeat Combustion Man. But in the end, Zuko is still on the good side and that is one of the best rewards in the series.



Photo Credit: The Tales of Ba Sing Se (Book 2, Chapter 15)-

This fun little episode featured a collection of short stories each focused on a different character. Aang is forced to create a zoo. Katara and Toph get make overs. Sokka does poetry. Zuko goes on a date. But there are two major standouts. Momo gets the first real information on where Appa might be. The best by far, however, goes to Iroh, who helps numerous people around town and then mourns his dead son on his birthday. It is one of the most heartbreaking moments of the series.


Photo Credit: The Deserter (Book 1, Chapter 16)-

Aang’s first attempt at firebending went horribly wrong when he burned Katara’s hands. We learn exactly why fire is the most dangerous element to bend. However, the group also gains one of its most useful tools. This is the episode where Katara learns to heal with waterbending. A perfect match for her character, this would become useful again in many episodes. Also, the ending offers an incredibly cool fight between Aang and Zhao.



Photo Credit: The Chase (Book 2, Chapter 8)-

Book 2 brought us the show’s best villain, Azula, Zuko’s deranged sister. She manages to track team Avatar repeatedly before Aang finally decides to face off with her in a Western-style conflict. Zuko shows up and a three-way bending battle begins, all ending with everyone showing up to fight against their new common enemy. But then Azula escapes after a serious injury to Iroh.



Photo Credits:,_Part_1:_The_Invasion6. The Day of Black Sun (Book 3, Chapters 10 and 11)-

Before Sozin’s Comet, the gang had another plan to defeat the Fire Lord. The eclipse would render firebending useless and the Earth Kingdom was ready to strike back. This two-part episode is the biggest full scale battle in the series. It also is a major growing point for Sokka who leads the troops into battle. It also is the only time we get to see Zuko confront his father. Only the finale is more epic than this.



Photo Credit: The Blind Bandit (Book 2, Chapter 6)-

This episode introduces one of the coolest characters in all of Avatar lore, Toph. The blind earthbending master isn’t afraid of anything and this episode brought her to the series perfectly. Her sheltered family life makes sense as much as her tendencies to earthbend against professionals in a ring during her spare time. The series only got better once Toph was added to the group.



Photo Credit: The Blue Spirit (Book 1, Chapter 13)-

Here is an entry that proved to be a major turning point for one of the characters. Featuring awesome action with the archers chasing and then capturing Aang, this episode started off with a bang. But once the Blue Spirit showed up to rescue the Avatar things got even better. The revelation of Zuko being under the mask was shocking and one of the best moments in the series. This is easily the best episode of the first season.



Photo Credit: Zuko Alone (Book 2, Chapter 7)-

There are only a handful of episodes that are completely devoted to just one character. Zuko Alone is the best as we get a lot of background on this tortured young soul, and a fantastic story in the present as the prince finds himself separated from his uncle for the first time. Zuko’s interactions with the Earth kingdom family are great, but even better is when he defends them. Once he lets out even an ember, they want nothing to do with him. It’s a sad yet incredibly poignant moment.


Photo Credit: Sozin’s Comet (Book 3, Chapters 18-21)-

The four-part finale might as well be a movie. Tying every loose end (aside from Zuko’s mother), this is how all series finales should be. It features the two best fights in the series, Aang vs. the fire Lord and Zuko vs. Azula. But its the smaller moments that make this finale as good as it is. Anyone who doesn’t shed a tear when Iroh forgives Zuko is heartless. No one could have asked for a better way for this series to come to an end.



Photo Credit: The Guru/The Crossroads of Destiny (Book 2, Chapters 19 and 20)-

The two-part finale of Book Two is the darkest episode of Avatar ever. The first half shows some great character growth for Aang as he tries to master the Avatar state with the Guru. The second half is an Empire Strikes Back style fight as most characters are in a pretty dangerous position. The shocking moment where Zuko chooses Azula over Iroh leads to an all-out battle where Aang and Katara must defend themselves. But once Aang finally masters the Avatar state, Azula shoots him down. Iroh allows them to escape but this is still the darkest moment in the series and also one of the most eye opening. This episode proves more than any other that Nickelodeon shows don’t have to be just for kids.


Do you agree with my picks? Any other episodes you would have liked to see on here? Sound off in the comments’ section!

9 Responses to Top 10 ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Episodes

  1. Justice Gaines says:

    I love the picks you chose. I only feel two episodes were left out.

    1. The Waterbending Master: Besides introducing Yue and providing another romance for Sokka, this episode provides tremendous character development for Katara and shows the biggest example of gender roles in the Avatar world. Most importantly, the duel between Katara and Master Pakku is the best of the first season.

    2. Lake Laogai: What isn’t right with this episode? Tremendous plot development all around. We see the depth of the Conspiracy of Ba Sing Se and the Dai Li. Even though the gang gets Appa back in the end, the sadness of losing Jet weighs of every fan immensely.

  2. Tom Cavallo says:

    Mine is this:

    1. Zuko Alone
    2. The Blue Spirit
    3. The Siege of the North
    4. The Crossroads of Destiny
    5. The Storm
    6. City of Walls and Secrets/Lake Laogai (Tie)
    8. Sozin’s Comet
    9. The Firebending Masters
    10. Tales of Ba Sing Se

    Oh, and I’m heartless according to you.

  3. Trevor Hitt says:

    One of the best Avatar lists I’ve seen. I definetely agree with most of your choices here. Here are mine (excluding the 4 part finale which I don’t think can be rated along with the rest of the series):

    10. Bitter Work = Sokka haha, lightning… ending is awesome with Zuko
    9. The Tales of Ba Sing Se = fun break here, Iroh’s story is very touching
    8. Appa’s Lost Days = very sad, special episode
    7. The Chase = epic showdown, fight scenes
    6. The Desert = cactus juice! aang’s fury, very emotional
    5. The Storm = great backstory, turning point in the show
    4. Lake Laogai = thrilling, everyone comes together to battle the Dai Li, Jet dies, Appa returns
    3. Siege of the North = Epic battles, really intense
    2. The Blue Spirit = great chase, escape. Zuko revealed
    1. Zuko Alone = masterfully written, emotional and pivotal backstory, intense showdown at the end

  4. Michelle says:

    7 the blind bandit
    6 southern raiders
    5 puppetmaster
    4 zuko alone
    3 the desert
    2 the crossroads of destiny
    1 the storm

  5. Jeff says:

    (series finale not included, too good, not fair to the other episodes):

    10. The Beach/Ember Island Players – fun episodes…get to see Azula act somewhat human, experience a “social life”/a fun meta episode that allows the creators to poke a little fun at themselves and their characters (slappa-pow!)

    9. The Puppetmaster – inherent danger in a bender abusing their abilities (and does a great job setting a lot of the stage for the issues facing Korra in later series)

    8. Appa’s Lost Days – easily the most original episode in animated television history…the main protagonist has ZERO dialogue, and yet it’s arguably the most compelling episode of the series

    7. Lake Laogai – in an already expansive world, they go even further in developing the dark ways in which Ba Sing Se keeps it’s residents completely oblivious to the war just outside its walls

    6. Zuko Alone – shows just how well crafted the characters are, that we can see them as kids and still get a rich, fulfilling and ultimately heartbreaking look at how Zuko came to be the tortured soul we meet in the first episode (Azula always lies…)

    5. The Blind Bandit – best character introduction ever…and the coolest earthbending of the whole series

    4. The Guru/Crossroads of Destiny – for the reasons listed in the article above…crazy twists from middle to end, and the ending leaves you slack-jawed

    3. The Avatar and the Firelord – we see how the whole war got started as Aang and Zuko learn about it from Roku and Iroh, respectively…again, great job exploring Zuko’s inner conflict (and friendships so strong they can even transcend lifetimes)

    2. The Headband – Surprisingly refreshing episode, we finally get more than your typical good versus evil perspective…Aang goes undercover at a Fire Nation school, and we get to know how the children of the Fire Nation are raised…lots of nods to Nazi propaganda, how they brainwashed their children to grow up rigid and hateful…Aang does his best to help the situation by throwing – A DANCE PARTY! Oh and Sokka posing as Aang’s father for a parent-teacher conference? PRICELESS.

    1. Siege of the North (parts 1 and 2) – exploration of the spirit world that rivals (and pays tribute to) the epic scale of Princess Mononoke, and we see Aang at maybe his most powerful in the form of Koizilla – one bad mamma jamma

  6. Evan says:

    I think sokka’s master should be included in here.

  7. Anonymous Person says:

    Mine is:

    10. The Deserter

    9. Sozin’s Comet Part 4: Avatar Aang

    8. Zuko Alone

    7. The Puppetmaster

    6. The Southern Raiders

    5. The Blue Spirit

    4. The Storm

    3. The Siege of the North (Part 2)

    2. The Crossroads of Destiny

    1. The Avatar and the Firelord

    I don’t know why I haven’t seen “The Avatar and the Firelord” on people’s lists. It is by far my favorite episode.

  8. Genesis says:

    10:Tales of Ba Sing Se

    9:Siege of the north

    8:The western air temple

    7:City of walls and secrets

    6:The avatar and the firelord/the beach

    5:Day of black sun part 1 and 2

    4:The boiling rock

    3:The blue sprit

    2:The firebending masters

    1:The puppetmaster

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