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Season 5 of AMC’s runaway hit drama Mad Men finally airs this Sunday with a two hour season premiere. Break out the DVD box set and the classy booze to refresh your memory of the 1960s according to Don Draper, or is it Dick Whitman? Fans rejoice, the best show on TV is back! To celebrate, here are our ten favorite characters from the show.



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While not one of the forefront characters of the show, Harry Crane still has a lot to offer. In our world he would be seen as one of the only redeemable people who works for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. He is genuinely a good man, and lacks the arrogance of his superiors. But, as of late, Harry is becoming more confident. However, he is just a great guy and that is why he makes this list.



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This man is an asshole. He is an executive for cigarette company Lucky Strike, a major client for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. He makes sexual advances on Sal Romano, and when Sal rejects him, Lee turns it around on him and gets him fired. He invites himself to parties and then forces the host, Roger in this case, to dress up like Santa. Lee is a great villain for the show, but no act matches up to that of the end of season four, when he ends business with his long time partners at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce with almost no reason at all. He is so easy to hate, how could he not make this list?


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The big head honcho at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is one of the funniest and smartest men in the office. The only person who might be more business savvy than him is Don, who isn’t quite old enough yet to be a big shot CEO. He doesn’t give a hoot when Pete comes to him with Don’s secret. Bert quits at the end of season four due to Don’s fight against Lucky Strike. Hopefully that doesn’t stick.



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When Mad Men started, Sally was barely more than just a child used to characterize Don and Betty. But once the divorce happens Sally begins to rebel against her mother. She pulls a number of crazy stunts in the fourth season, including playing with herself at a friend’s house, causing her mother to toss her aside into therapy. Sally has a good soul and hopefully a lot more development left before the show ends.



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Pete Campbell starts out as a worm, and well, when we last saw him, he’s still a worm but a more likable worm. Pete has come a long way since discovering Don’s identity and trying to get him fired. He’s a partner now, largely because Don trusts him enough to have made him one. That is good enough for me.




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Ah, the ultimate villain of Mad Men. There are lots of words to describe Betty, but perhaps the best is cold. She appears to hate her kids and pretty much her entire life in general. Way back in season one she aspired to return to a career of modeling, but when that fell through she took her anger out by taking a gun and shooting the neighbor’s birds. Matthew Weiner has promised that we will see more of Betty in Season 5. All I can say is that I have chills of excitement and fear.



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Peggy serves as our new set of eyes into the crazy world of 1960s advertising when she starts working at Sterling Cooper as Don’s new secretary. She also passes one of the first tests given to her: not to sleep with Don. In the spectacular season four episode, The Suitcase, we see Peggy and Don’s relationship taken to the next level-complete and utter trust. Peggy has come a long way since the show’s start, and she is likely to keep moving up.



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Her name may not be on a building, but Joan runs the office. When the partners start planning to make their own company in the season three finale, the one person they need to organize everything is Joan. Her ongoing relationship with Roger also serves as one of the few romances to root for on Mad Men.




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Mad Men has some of the best writing on television ever, and the character that benefits the most from that is Roger Sterling. The best lines continue to be given to him and John Slattery delivers them with some of the best acting on the show. Roger’s age has become a problem several times as he suffered two heart attacks in season one. But he will not go down without a fight. He is the pride of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and oozes sarcasm.



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Okay, how could this man not be at the number one spot. Don Draper is easily the best lead character on television right now. With his complicated past, alcohol problems, and indisputable charisma, Don Draper has granted himself a spot in TV history. The miracle of the character is that we should not like him. He lies, he cheats, he is obsessed with work, yet there is something about him that makes him so likable. Season five is overdue because of this man.



There you have it folks! Do you agree with my picks? Sound off below!




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