Top 10 ‘Mass Effect’ Characters

The Reaper invasion is nearly upon us! Tuesday, Mass Effect 3 will finally hit shelves and fans everywhere will attempt to save the universe from the evil Reapers, who plan to wipe out every living thing and have made Earth their first target. Looking back on the previous two entries, BioWare has given us a wonderful cast of characters that will return to decide the fate of the galaxy in the third installment. Here are the ten best characters that the series has given us so far.




Photo Credit: Captain David Anderson-

Every hero needs a hero of their own to draw their inspiration from. Frodo has Gandalf. Luke has Obi Wan. Commander Shepard has Captain Anderson. From the beginning, Anderson believes in your abilities more than anyone else. He fights for you to become a Spectre. He fights for you to get the Normandy back when the Council takes it away. He fights for human rights more than any other character. Anderson is as much of a hero as you and any of your squadmates.



9. Mordin Solus-

Mass Effect 2 brought us one of the most interesting and quirky characters in the universe. Mordin speaks very quickly and verbalizes almost every thought out loud as he tries to figure out and explain whatever is going on. He is also a useful adversary on the battlefield. But what makes Mordin so likable is the quirks, more particularly the now internet-famous song he sings.



Photo Credit: Legion-

One of the most interesting characters added to the Mass Effect universe in the second game was this Geth mercenary. In the original game, Shepard had to fight the Geth, but now once has come to join him on his mission to stop the Reapers. Legion’s background is fascinating as he falls into a nonviolent faction of the robotic race. He also wears some of Shepard’s old armor as a sign of admiration.



Photo Credit: The Illusive Man-

The big head honcho of Cerberus is one of the best characters in the universe for a lot of reasons. First off, he is voiced by none other than Martin Sheen. Second, like many great villains, he is mysterious and therefore unpredictable. He was great in Mass Effect 2 but I have a feeling we haven’t seen anything yet. The Illusive Man has some tricks up his sleeve but where will his loyalties lie when it comes to facing the Reapers?



Photo Credit: Jack (Subject Zero)-

Easily the most badass chick in the galaxy is this former convict. An expert biotic, Jack was held captive by Cerberus as a child and experimented on. Below her rough exterior, Jack is soft and in need of a shoulder to cry on. She is one of the many romance options for Commander Shepard, something I personally enacted in my save file. I look forward to seeing her kick some more ass in Mass Effect 3.



Photo Credit: Jeff “Joker” Moreau-

Like Captain Anderson, Joker is with Commander Shepard from the start. As the pilot of the Normandy, Joker has to be one of the best in the Alliance fleet. He proves this on multiple occasions. He delivers the final blow on the Reaper Sovereign at the end of the first Mass Effect. In the second, the player very briefly gets to take control of him in an awesome mission where the Collectors board the Normandy. But, with the voice of Seth Green, Joker also provides much of the comic relief in these games. He will likely play a huge role in the attempt to defeat the Reapers.


Photo Credit: Thane Krios-

Thane was easily the best new character in Mass Effect 2. He is also quite possibly the most tragic character in the series. When we first meet Thane, we learn that he is dying from an incurable disease. His outlook on life is unlike any other character and unique even outside of the games. His family history deepens him further as his loyalty mission has you try and stop his son from becoming an assassin just like his father. Thane will likely meet his end in Mass Effect 3 but that doesn’t mean that he will go down without a fight.


Photo Credit: Liara T’Soni-

When we meet Liara in the first Mass Effect, she is merely a scientist. But by the end of Mass Effect 2, if you played the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC, she becomes the single source of all information in the galaxy. Liara went from an innocent and naive girl to a powerful warrior capable of true badassery. More importantly, however, Liara is one of the first options for love we get in this story. I hope that my Shepard can live happily ever after with Liara after  the Reapers are gone, but I do worry for her safety.


Photo Credit: Garrus Vakarian-

One character that will always have a special place on my team is Garrus. He is clearly the most awesome squad mate in the first game, and in the second he is the first of only two returning squad members. Garrus kicks so much ass in these games and will definitely be by your side in the end, unless he dies (if that happens I might just restart my game until he lives, even at the cost of my own sanity).



Photo Credit: 1. Commander Shepard-

Many people will disagree with my choice to put this pretty emotionless lead character at number one, but there is a very specific reason for why BioWare has written Shepard the way they did. He is you. The missions he goes on, the relationships he has, the choices he makes to decide the fate of the galaxy are all up to you. My Shepard doesn’t have a relationship with Jack or Liara, I do. I personally trust Garrus more than anyone. Your choices are Shepard’s choices, and the consequences are real. Shepard is a perfect portal into this expansive universe. No player’s Shepard is alike and that is due to you.


Do you agree with my picks? Any characters missing that you would put on this list? Sound off in the comments section!



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  1. Andrew says:

    You left out innocent, loveable Tali, she was the main reason I got into Mass effect

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