The Top 10 Pixar Characters

Brave hits theaters this weekend and is sporting the first female heroine in a Pixar movie. Now is the perfect time to look back on the best characters that the legendary studio has put out in the past. Will your favorites make our top ten? Find out below.





10. Sully- Monsters Inc.

This big, blue brute is one of the most lovable monsters to ever grace the screen. John Goodman does a wonderful job voicing the character, giving him that extra quality that just makes you want to run up and hug him. Sully is a caring monster, and almost takes up a fatherly role for Boo. Who thought that could happen with the monster hiding in your closet?



9. Lots-O Huggin’ Bear- Toy Story 3

I guarantee you will never hate a teddy bear more than Lots-O. He is the best villain in any Pixar movie for many reasons. His complex backstory is as rich as any of the characters in the Toy Story franchise, he just turned out way more evil. The amount of chaos and fear he causes at the end of the third adventure with Woody and Buzz is unmatched in the history of the studio.



8. Dug- Up

The previews for Up were really strange, but when a talking dog showed up, I thought Pixar may be trying a bit too hard to win the hearts of families everywhere. Luckily, Dug is a lot more than just a talking dog. His loyalty to his companions is incredibly admirable, and he even suffers through the cone of shame for it! At least he wound up with a new owner in the end.



7. Mike- Monsters Inc.

The other half of the Monsters Inc. dynamic duo does a lot more growing than his partner (hence why he is a bit higher on this list). In the beginning, he has no need for Boo, but he grows to care for her, just as Sulley does, and will absolutely do anything to make sure she is okay. Voiced by comedy legend Billy Crystal, Mike is also one of the funniest characters in any of Pixar’s films.



6. Mr. Incredible- The Incredibles

In what was one of the studio’s most brilliant films, we got one of their best leads. Mr. Incredible used to be the superhero that everyone needed, but now he is older, fatter, and a father. His growth back into Mr. Incredible is one of the best character arcs in any Pixar movie. In the end, he is able to show us why we need our heroes, a message important to everyone, young and old.



5. Carl Fredrickson- Up

This grouchy old man is a lot of the reason that Up works so well. His character arc is actually beautiful as the story progresses. The way he remembers his wife and wants to pay tribute to her. The way he eventually falls for the kid and the dog. The way he realizes his childhood hero was never too heroic. Mr. Fredrickson is a stunning character in that stunning movie.



4. Dory- Finding Nemo

You will have to look hard to find a character funnier than Dory in any other Pixar film. Ellen DeGeneres voices her brilliantly (she even knows whale). Dory is a riot throughout the entire film. But her humor isn’t the only reason she is this high on the list. You feel bad for her multiple times throughout the course of the film. Dory is a perfect blend of everything that makes Pixar movies great.


3. Buzz Lightyear- Toy Story

Or is it Mrs. Nezbit? Buzz commands the screen whenever he appears. Tim Allen is perfect at making him likable and a bit over the top. Buzz’s relationship with Woody is classic. Their interactions from the beginning could not have been better. There are so many moments we root for Buzz to be a real space man even when Woody tells him he’s just a toy. If there is anything that the Toy Story films have proved, Buzz is not just a toy, he is a milestone in animated characters.



WALL-E is my personal favorite Pixar film. It was just so daring and original. The biggest accomplishment is that under anyone else, this film would likely have failed. But the creators crafted one of the best animated characters ever in their little robot. WALL-E is a robot lookin’ for love, and it turns out he feels a lot of the same things we do. And he doesn’t even have to talk to get that across.



1. Woody- Toy Story

If Buzz Lightyear was a milestone, then Woody is nothing short of a legend. Who would have thought that a toy cowboy could make you laugh and cry in the span of one film? Woody is a revelation. Every moment he questions his owner is heartbreaking. But he always goes back, just like the millions of people who grew up with Toy Story and pulled out their toys after the third film. So few characters can say they accomplished that.



Do you agree with our picks? Do you think anyone from Brave can crack this list? Tell us below!

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